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Marvel Spiderman by kaNO - Unruly Industries

A new interpretation of how Spiderman would look like if he belongs to Gen Z. Always connected to his mobile, ready to fight the villains in style.

Freshly dipped in Air Jordans, Spiderman is here yo capture drama for the Daily Bugle or Capturing criminals for NYC’s finest, but always in style.

Raisend and born in NY, kaNO grew up by the hands of art. Graffiti and cartoons on the TV set the tone of its creative identity.

His style is easy recognizable all around the world. From the screens to galleries and now into Art Toy industry, kaNO’s artwork is authentic distinctive. His work includes collaborations with studios such as Warner, Cartoon Network and Hasbro.

Limited edition - 500 units
Material - Vinyl
Size Height - 21CM

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival): MARCH 2021 - ETA may vary due to third-party brand distributors.