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Bearbrick 'The Joker - Batman The animated Series' 100% & 400%

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This Bearbrick features the supervillain from Gotham City, The Joker, in a different edition apart from the movies. This version belongs to the Batman Animated Series by Bruce Timm on the 90s, it's a classic!

The Joker from Batman: The Animated Series make its debut detailing neutral-toned ears, dark green hair, sharp eyes and a pointy nose. The most famous part of The Joker is his wide red-lipsticked smile, giving the iconic identity to the piece.

Batman: The Animated Series is heralded as one of the best cartoon renditions of the caped crusader’s stories. It was complex and dark for an animated show but it also tacked the detective-style themes the original comics were known for.

Medicom Toys's Bearbrick 'The Joker - Batman the Animated Series' 100% & 400% Set is currently available at Kaneda Toys. Don’t forget to preorder as it presents limited quantities.