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Bearbrick 'Royal Selangor' 400% - Golden

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Medicom Toy and Royal Selangor, the world's foremost name on quality pewter, have detailed a shiny new “Golden” BE@RBRICK with intricate arabesque patterns. This release follows a color-shifting 400% Royal Selangor Arabesque 'Magic' iteration.

Traditional patterns cover the new figure in its entirely, even down to its hands and feet. It’s a vibrant counterpart to the silver and pewter-toned versions from past releases. Just as textured as the previous models, this figure was made by master craftsmen who have been practicing their traditional hand-sculpting techniques since 1885. Furthermore, the figure weighs at roughly 6 kg and stands 280mm tall, a collectible accent for any living space.

The Royal Selangor x Medicom Toy “Golden” BE@RBRICK 400% is now available on Kaneda Toys.