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Bearbrick 'Peko-Chan Milky White Metallic 2019' 100% & 400%

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Peko-Chan is the girl with his tongue out, the mascot of Fujiya, one of the leading manufacturers of Japanese candies. Here we have her back again with its 2019 iteration of the Milky Series.

Peko-chan looks so innocent with his candies costume but if we pay attention to the Japanese urban legend, she likes to eat more than sweets and his cheeks aren't red for the right reason...

The figure, which includes a figure of 100% and 400% presents a white metallic base color featuring a sweets-printing around the body of the Bearbrick.

Buy this Bearbrick 'Peko-Chan Milky 'White Metallic' 2019 100% & 400% on Kaneda Toys and start your Peko-Chan collection.