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Bearbrick 'Chiko-Chan' 400%

Chiko-Chan is a half-costume 5 year old girl character who scolds adults for not knowing the answers to simple but perplexing questions about life. Questions like “Why do you wave when you say goodbye to someone?” When the adults on the program get stumped by these everyday questions, Chiko-chan scolds them in a loud voice, "Don't sleep through life!" But what is the secret behind the charm of the character with a sharp tongue that has viewers writing letters and emails that they wish she would scold them too?
Chiko-chan made her debut during a three-part special last year. It was so wildly popular that "Don't Sleep through Life!" became a regular program in April 2018. Since then, viewership has been on the upswing, and a super-sized special aired on Aug. 17. Program supervisor Mitsuru Mizutaka said of the show's success, "In addition to older viewers, it's also popular with young people, so it appears to have wide appeal across three generations."

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