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A Wood Awakening: East meets West by Juce Gace

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Time to get spooky (and a bit naughty)! Celebrate Halloween all year long with A Wood Awakening: East meets Wets by Juce Gace 2 figures pack.

A Wood Awakening is released with 2 different outfits inspired by eastern and western scary tales. Representing the West, there is a vampire. Vampires are well known for slurping blood of their victims but this one is far from sucking, he's quite cool instead. Representing the East is the Jiangshi Jiangshis have stiff bodies (you know) and are quite a mix between zombies and vampires.

A Wood Awakening (East Meets West) is coming in a special coffin twin box and they can exchange cape and talisman (but not the fangs)!

Buy now this hair-raising inseparable 2 pack of Juce Gace figures at Kaneda Toys.