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Shipping of Pre-Orders

A pre-order product will be handled in a different way that product that is in stock at the moment as pre-order product is not available at the day of order placement. Every pre-order product has an ETA (Estimated time of Arrival) which will be specified at product description (it can vary because of factory issues or external reasons to us). Every pre-order product will show ETA to our warehouse and once it’s available on our warehouse will be handled and shipped to destination.

You can check through our website which products are on pre-orders and which not as pre-order products are tagged and classified properly. Every pre-order product can have different ETA as manufacturing should vary depending on the style and method of fabrication, materials and different product specifications that can affect on the process of fabrication.

Every ETA will be specified at product description and you will get notified during all the process from the very first minute after order placement. You will be notified when ETA is confirmed by distributor, when your product is arriving soon and once it is shipped to its final destination.

If any product suffer any delay due to any reason we will send e-mail notifications defining order changes.

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