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New Here? Welcome to Kaneda! // Create Account

Kaneda Toys is happy to welcome you to our platform. Creating an account is really really easy, you just have to click on the right side of the menu on the top of the website at ‘LOG IN’. Kaneda will guide you through the process by asking your name, surname, email and a secret password.

Once your account is created, you will discover a new whole world on the art toy market: KANEDA TOYS! WELCOME!

We strongly recommend our customer to create an account with us, in order to track & trace all orders placed at Kaneda Toys and have the possibility to be aware of new launches, exclusive VIP product launches, giveaways and much more. Creating an account at Kaneda will offer you lots of benefits, among which:

  • Fastest access to exclusive products and pre-orders. With an existing account, buying the hottest product will be easier for you and will increase the possibility to get the most coveted products.
  • Be aware of everything happening at Kaneda Toys: exclusive product launches, giveaways, product raffles and much more.
  • Track&Trace all orders, with the option of returning or cancelling any order without giving any reason and of course without the payment of any fine.
  • Exclusive benefits of Kaneda’s membership.

If you already have an account and forgot email or password, send us an email to:

Reasons of account closure or order cancellation (without any notification)

We reserve the right to withdraw products from Kaneda Toys at any time and/or delete/modify any content on it. Although we will make our best to process all orders, there may be exceptional circumstances that will force us to reject the processing of an order. Said exceptional reasons are as follows:

  • Orders that are considered fraudulent due to well-founded evidence by our security department. Kaneda Toys takes the fair and just participation of our clients in raffles and purchases of exclusive releases very carefully, thus we reserve the right to cancel those orders or users we consider fraudulent with any notification.
  • Credit card, Paypal account or any other payment method registered in multiple accounts.
  • History of excessive card declines at time of processing
  • History of excessive cancellations due to unresolved credit card declines.
  • Unpaid ‘Aplázame’ cancellation fees or bounced check fees.
  • Unacceptable customer behavior to our staff, which includes but is not limited to: hostility, yelling, name calling, foul, language, bodily threats and harassing phone calls (multiple calls about the same subject to different reps in hopes of receiving different responses).
  • Customer has multiple Kaneda Toys accounts, with varying billing/shipping information.

In order to avoid any issues due to fraudulent use of account, please note that:

  • Only one account per household/billing address/IP address is allowed.
  • Once the account has been established, the user may not alter the original name of the account holder, unless there has been a legal name change, or ‘transfer’ the account to a different person. Orders won’t be transferred from one account to another.
  • Payment method registered in the account must belong to the account holder.

All pending orders/pre-orders of any account closed due to any of these reasons will be cancelled automatically without giving any explanation.