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General Terms

General terms

By placing an order you indicate to accept our Terms and Conditions. Kaneda Toys sreserves the right to change its General Terms temporarily. 


The articles have to be paid in euros, including VAT. Shipping costs (unless mentioned otherwise) are not included in these prices. Before contracting the agreement, the total price including shipping will be reported by our website. International orders from outside the European Union are excempt from paying, this is automatically removed during the checkout.

Term of approval 

Unless indicated otherwise, after receiving the order during a period of 14 days you have the right to cancel the purchase by sending an email without giving any reasons and to return the order within the same deadline. Any payments (excluding administration and postage) will be returned within 14 days. There is no right to reimbursement if the product is used and/or damaged or if the order has been opened and/or not returned in the original packaging. After the expiration of the term of approval of 14 days the purchase real. 

Responsibility whilst shipping

We are not responsible for loss or damage to goods during shipment. You can insure against this risk by paying a surcharge. In that case, please notify it with your order. If an unexpected problem will arise, we will be pleased to hear about it so we can lodge a complaint with parcel service. 


When you order an item at Kaneda Toys, your information will be included in the customer database of Kaneda Toys. Kaneda Toys adheres to the Law Personal Register and will not share your information with third parties. See our Privacy Policy. Kaneda Toys respects the privacy of users of the Internet site and will ensure the confidentiality of your personal data. Kaneda Toys uses a mailing list, each mailing contains instructions to protect yourself from this list. When you order an item at Kaneda Toys, you are automatically signed up for this mailing list. 


Kaneda Toys reserves the right to refuse orders without giving any reasons or not to accept contracts.

Images and specifications

All graphics, photographs, drawings, information on weights, dimensions, colors, images of labels, etc. at the site of Kaneda Toys apply only approximately, are indicative and may not lead to damages or dissolution of the contract. It is not allowed to copy images and/or text from the site of Kaneda Toys without our consent. 

Applicable law and jurisdiction

To all the rights, obligations, offers, contracts and agreements to which these Conditions apply, as well as these conditions, only Dutch law can be applied. 
Any questions, complaints, and comments
If, after reading these Conditions, you may have any complaints, questions or comments about these terms, please do not hesitate in writing, by telephone or by e-mail to contact us.
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