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Meet the company and the LTNC Toys in our catalog.

Art Toys first appeared in Asia in the 90s and since then the largest number of brands that produce and manufacture them are concentrated in that continent. One of the most important is ZC World or ZCWO with which Kaneda Toys collaborates.

Established in 2006, ZCWO is a Hong Kong based company focused mainly in designing and manufacturing Toys and Collectibles with a huge list of products.

Its success is based on its careful selection of characters and artists and the final quality of his pieces. 

They include well known characters such as Mazinger Z, Popeye (they covered his 90th Anniversary), Astroboy, Garfield, TMNT, Ultraman and even sculptures of FC Barcelona and Manchester United footballers. You can find them as an accurate replica or as an artist's reinterpretation.


Brutus Popeye ZCWO Eric So kaneda toys
tmnt leonardo zcwo
tmnt raphaello zcwo


His creators list also includes works by artists and designers from around the world like: Gagatree, Eric So, Classicbot, Fools Paradise, Juce Gace, Tik Ka from East, LTNC Studio and even the Spanish artist Luaiso López (with their Popeye and Bluto zombie versions) among others.


jelilo gagatree zcwo art toy kaneda toys
Binge Watcher juce GAce ZCWO
Fools Paradise Yel lowfool zcwo
fools paradise mario zcwo
Luaiso Lopez Popeye Zombie Bluto Zombie ZCWO


ZCWO in Kaneda Toys

Our catalog rises with the figures from ZCWO designed by Lim from LTNC Toys: ASTRODEAD, CASINODEAD, LIBERTYDEAD and the Mona Lisa Mini Figures Blind Boxes. 


The Dead Company by LTNC includes limited edition figures with an unfinished story that makes them show no face expression behind their magnetic skeleton mask.

Meet the gang: 


The ASTRO piece is inspired by an astronaut that while working at the International Space Station was killed by aliens during a lunar exploration mission.

LIM, the founder of the Dead Company was in search of new astronauts. The soul of ASTRO applied to the process and was successfully hired under the name of Dead Astronaut for the Dead Company. He received the new name ASTRODEAD.


Astrodead ZCWO Art Toys Kaneda Toys
Astrodead ZCWO Art Toys Kaneda Toys


While working in the company, this dead astronaut is planning its revenge on the aliens who attacked him to bring back its smile.

Find ASTRODEAD on a Red version, White version and a big White version of 60 cm.


Astrodead ZCWO Art Toys Kaneda Toys
Astrodead ZCWO Art Toys Kaneda Toys



Mc Gee was beaten to death by two gamblers while dancing in a daily performance in a fair. Since then, his soul belongs to the Dead Company and it became the emblem of his city.


Casinodead ZCWO Art Toys Kaneda Toys
Casinodead ZCWO kaneda toys


He plans patiently and holds a grudge against his aggressors having no expression under the skeleton mask until he succeeds.

The versions of CASINODEAD include White, Red and Red 60 cm.


Freedom is not for free.

LIBERTYDEAD harvests the souls and makes humanity pay a price on the way to peace and liberty. Her existence is a constant reminder that human freedom is hard to come by.


Libertydead Dead Companha ZCWO Art Toy


ZCWO Mona Lisa Mini figures Blind box

In addition to the Dead Company, get also your artistic blind box and pose with him like a Renaissance beauty. Feel the excitement of opening a Blind Box and being able to get one of the special and hilarious replicas from the Mona Lisa. 


ZCWO Mona Lisa Mini figures Blind box


ZCWO presents in collaboration with Museum Leonardo 3 an official Mona Lisa mini series figures. This is a new blind box series by LTNC Studios, capturing funny moments of modern life mixing it with the classic and elegance of La Gioconda in 9 cm height figures.

There are 8 different styles in a full set with a hidden surprise. What’s your favourite?

Now that you know ZCWO and the LTNC Toys figures, you can start your collection in Kaneda Toys and enjoy the best figures from Asia sent comfortably to your home.
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