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Theodoru Badiu: Pop culture as its finest.

Theodoru Badiu: Pop culture as its finest.

Theodoru Badiu and his Popartoons

Direct from Austria and with his figures succeeding around the world, Theodoru Badiu is one of the best european artists specialized on drawing, modelling, illustration and toy design. 

Join us and know more about him and his most famous Art Toys.


Theodoru defines himself as an artist following the Neo Pop style or Pop Surrealism. He comes from Vienna in Austria but his works are travelling around the globe and arriving to the best collections.

As a child, he was always interested in art and the fact that his father was an artist makes his interest grow even more. This, mixed with the taxidermy jobs that he used to do to earn his pocket money after school as a teenager, defines his style and his characteristic skully characters. He even made his first sculptures with birds and different animal bones.

In the 90’s he went to the People’s Art School in Vienna and then his artist life began. The first works were surreal photo-manipulations created using Photoshop and images from his digital camera.

In 2005, he started to translate his world to 3D and has been working since then with his characters that are now in real life and are even able to move and dance in VR. In addition, he also has the website as a place for his original ink drawings.

He’s a true master working with different media, no matter if he uses traditional or digital means. He brings his characters in 2D or 3D ways, doesn’t matter if it's in vector on a computer or drawings, collages or photographs. You can see his work even glued on the streets.

His colourful and playful bizarre characters seem to be not so innocent sometimes but at the end, they always bring you joy and friendliness. A twisted mix that defines his cartoonish style.

Another good detail is that Theodoru is always open for collaborations. There are some ideas for cartoon shows based on his designs and his illustrations are great examples of 3D characters for a figure.

Theodoru’s Art Toys

Skulltoons the Clown - Joker Edition

The most recent release on figure from Theodoru is the Skulltoons the Clown in a Joker Edition (that makes us think that there will be more versions). A mix between Krusty the Clown from the Simpsons and the evil Clown the Joker from the last movie. A vinyl toy produced by Pobber Toys and made in Vinyl/PVC/ABS. And we can tell that it’s a big one, 26 cm (10 “) of Art Toy that you can buy now on Kaneda Toys.

Skulltoons the Pino

Skulltoons the Pino is maybe the most famous piece by Theodoru and we dare to say this due to the fast as every edition of it is Sold Out. 

The famous wooden puppet design with a signature face is produced by Streams in Asia. 

It’s made in Vinyl/PVC/ABS and it’s huuuge (over 35cm).

There are 5 different versions at this moment: Original colours, Mono, Pink, KK Plus edition and the last to one released Yolo (black & gold).


Kranyus is a bones and skull faced mouse toy with a “Mickeysh” body. Theodoru’s fist more recognized figure in vinyl.

It’s produced by Martian Toys from the USA and it sure has a big amount of different versions too. The most important are the Classic colours one and the Silent Era Edition in monochrome.

We can’t forget the DIY Red Sparkle Kranyus in glitter red edition released on time for Xmas.

For the Anniversary in 2020, a limited edition of 10 was released handpainted on the Classic first colorway.

In addition, the “Artist Series” includes some new versions of  Kranyus by MPGautheron, Dave Webb or Kong Andri or a new head for the body as the Travis Lampe version, Chauncey.

With 8 points of articulation Kranyus is a very posable designer toy that stands 8 inches tall. Perfect to interact with however you like.

Wippo Toy

One of the first Theodoru’s big releases in the toy world is this Wippo Art toy. It’s a collaboration with the lovely artists Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas from Circus Posterus.

Theodoru Badiu Wippo Toy

Wippo is 5" tall and it has some different colour versions. It’s made in resin and today is a little treasure for Art Toys collectors.


The Popartoons are the characters from the mind of Theodoru. They are represented in original artworks and prints. Chopped pop characters with bones and skulls and even blood drops but in a childish way and with vintage cartoons references. They include Disney, Looney Tunes, manga and anime and original creations. A good way to join your figures is to have some of these originals too.



Now you can see why Theodoru is one of the essentials in every collection. Which is your favourite figure? 

Get your Skulltoons the Clown - Joker Version at Kaneda Toys and get ready about what is yet to come! Do you like surprises?

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