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TEQ63, the ultimate toy by QUICCS

It’s hard not hearing about QUICCS, one of the most searched art toy artists from the moment. His releases have a sold out message as soon as they are published and they are some of the collectors favourites. Discover more about QUICCS and his flagship character: TEQ63.

QUICCS is a Filipino illustrator and toy designer deeply in love with Japanese robot characters and hip hop. He has won multiple awards within the vinyl art community in several countries and is part of the Red Mutuca collective. Recently, he has joined Adidas as Brand Creator.

His combination of graffiti art and electronic media make him a unique artist and his created realm, Bulletpunk, has been translated into all kind of media: art toys, illustrations, murals and clothing

TEQ63 creations selection

The Bulletpunk universe is huge and every week new TEQ63 versions are being launched. These are some of the best examples of the different editions of this character. 

Mega TEQ63

A 12.5” edition of the TEQ63. Is it the biggest version? Wait for the Ultra...

Micro TEQ63

The same figure but in 3”. Hard to put your hands on all the different versions!

Forbidden TEQ63

The result of mixing a TEQ63 and a Funko Pop is this Forbidden TEQ. Black Edition, Ghost Edition and a special one for the ToyConPH

Nano TEQ63

The chibi chubby of the family. Also made in vinyl and with super awesome versions as the Boba Fett one.


BabyTEQ Dunny

The BabyTEQ Dunny appeared as one of the DTA 2016 Dunny series after some artist customs. These are some of the most popular Dunny on their 3” and 8” editions. QUICCS also have a Dunny on the Exquisite Corpse Dunny Series.

Baby TEQ Dunny

The Alpha / Omega Project (TEQ63 + Mariko Set)

The Alpha/Omega Project is the first independent vinyl toy produced by QUICCS and is a collaboration between the artist and Danil Yad. 

QUICCS’ Mariko and TEQ are launched in a big art toy format on a limited edition of 199 sets. The style of both artists are combined perfectly and they show the TEQ masks with robotic pets and Adidas sneakers.


Customs and other artists platforms

QUICCS is not only developing the Bulletpunk universe with the TEQ63 characters, he also has a lot of customs with other artist platforms as the Lil Qwiky by Czee, the Boxcat by Rato Kim or the Spray Can Mutant by Jeremy Madl


The QUICCS assault is here and there are much more upcoming toys and sculptures. Are you ready?

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