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Art Toy Joker

The Joker: its key role on Art Toy Culture

It’s not a joke! There are a lot of Joker pieces!

Everybody knows The Joker. He is the clownish supervillain in the American comic books published by DC Comics and Batman animation series and films.

The Joker was created in 1940 and since then he has been the most famous antagonist of the bat superhero. The character adaptations are limitless and he has appeared in multiple formats and represented by numerous actors such as Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto or the magnificent Joaquin Phoenix. Of course, none of them has been an exception on not getting a 3D version sometimes more accurate and sometimes more imaginative.

The amazing amount of art toys and collectibles based on this character is absolutely stunning and you are able to get some of them at our Kaneda Toys shop.

Prepare to find some of the most curious and amazing representations of The Joker:

The Hapiness Man by Fat Lane

The Thai studio Fat Lane has released recently one of the best Joker figures this year by far. The result is a bust with a mix between Joaquin's Phoenix character and another famous clown, the Mc Donald’s one. It’s a complete vinyl figure of 20 cm (7.87”). 


Order yours with a side of french fries or a drink and be hungry for this amazing figure on your collection.

Skulltoons The Clown - Joker Edition by Theodoru & Pobber Toys

Skulltoons The Clown is another big mashup: The Joker and Krusty from The Simpsons! Another great figure designed by the european artist Theodoru Badiu and produced by Pobber Toys. 

The skull headed clown is created on Vinyl, PVC and ABS and dude, it’s huge! 26 cm (10”) of art toy!

Classic Joker and Suicide Squad Joker 5” Dunny by Kidrobot

Batman has its own Dunny series by Kidrobot. One of the most popular platforms by the american brand has 3” blind bags collectibles with characters including The Joker but we are going to focus our attention on the 5” Dunny. 

The Classic Jack Nicholson Joker and the Suicide Squad Jared Leto Joker are two versions very different from two Batman ages but both are a must have in every collection.

The Joker - Batman the Animated Series Bearbrick 100% & 400% Set
The Joker has not only appeared in real action movies, he has also a popular Animated Series. This Bearbrick Set shows us one of our favourite representations of the Gotham City villain based on the 90’s Bruce Timm classic adaptation.
What do you think about the art toys and collectibles inspired by The Joker? 
You can get all these art toys and much more about other Batman characters like Harley Quinn or Batman himself at Kaneda Toys online shop.
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