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Shoeuzi Crystalized x Swarovski

Shoeuzi Crystalized x Swarovski

The luxury of these sparkling Crystalized Shoeuzi figures is now at the reach of your hand in Kaneda Toys.

Since 2018, J.LDN is creating a collectible art series with astounding mixes of sneakers and uzi guns. The UK artist residing in Stockholm now goes even further with his products and is offering collaborations and new editions for his resin guns and creates luxury art pieces that deserve to be in any collection.

Mirroring relationships between pop culture and street art, the key to his success is to know exactly what his fans are looking for so he captures the best details and colours in an accurate process.

Money and desire get a new dimension now with the famous brand Swarovski involved. Quality and bling bling for all of you that get one of these sculptures. The representation of luxury without costing millions of dollars!

Did you stone those uzis?

If you want to make a thing even more special, cover it with hundreds of little crystals. But not just any crystal but THE CRYSTALS, use the Swarovski ones and your piece will look amazing.

That seems to be just what J.LDN was thinking for this release launched last March 19th, 2021. His famous uzis Crystalized edition shine bright like diamonds and sure they have the same value as one.

Crystalized ICE

Edition Size: 100

Full sized (100%) scale Shoeuzi in white embellished with 750 sparkly as f@*k Original Swarovski crystals.

Crystalized OLIVE

Edition Size: only 50

Full sized (100%) scale Shoeuzi in olive embellished with 750 sparkly as f@*k Olivine Swarovski crystals.

Both Crystalized editions come in a luxury box that include:

- Gloves that will keep the dirty away from your pieces.

- Transparent stand for display.

- A four parts Shoeuzi to assemble.


Shoeuzi is a product for hypebeasts and for good quality figure lovers that makes every edition sell out quickly.

While we are waiting for the next original collaboration with the artist Sket One in a new figure that will make our mouths melt and put it on the center of our table while we eat sushi, you can see the available figures on Kaneda Toys and start your collection. 

Along with the Crystalized versions, we have for you the next editions: 

Shoeuzi Chicago

Shoeuzi No Future

Shoeuzi Hey Presto

Shoeuzi Have a Nice Day

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