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Pushead - Bearbricks and Art Toys world

Pushead - Bearbricks and Art Toys world

The number of artists who have collaborated with Medicom Toy creating their version of the well-known bear is huge. Discover why Pushead, the man behind  Metallica’s album covers, is one of our favourite designers of the platform.


Pushead Metallica Cover


Who is Pushead?

Pushead (Brian Schroeder) is a renowned artist, record label owner, and writer in the world of hardcore punk and heavy metal.

He is well known for his artwork and illustrations on multiple singles, posters and merchandising for bands and artists like Metallica, The Misfits and Dr. Dre.

In this post, we will focus more on his figures and especially on his works with Medicom Toy, especially the Bearbricks.

Designs and figures

Pushead’s designs are all about skulls, fangs, bandages and fire, an enhanced old school skate style full of details and spiky letterings.

It can be clearly identified on figures like the KAWS collaborations (mixing body and KAWS companion details with rough skulls) or the Medicom Toy vinyl series.

Pushead KAWS Medicom Toy Kaneda Toys

His patterns have evolved to the watercolor designs that we can see on the last Bearbrick series and on the marbling mixed color sofubis with brands like Secret Base or Hirota Saigansho.


Medicom Toy Vinyl Artist Gacha Pushead



Medicom Toy’s collaborations include a good amount of Bearbrick designs that can be differentiated in two phases: 2000’s and 2010’s (that are still being on top).

First Years


Starts the Bearbrick collaborations with the Series 6 with a HMV x Pushead that glows in the dark. The 400% version was released later.


Bearbrick Series 6 HMV Pushead Kaneda Toys



Pushead repeats on the Bearbrick Series 8 for the Animal Cocobat and some Secrets based on his own Cocobat figure.



Bearbricki Pushead Series 8 Cocobat Kaneda Toys




Special editions as Bearbrick 100% for BWWT and the Nailspiker for San Diego Comic Con.


Bearbrick Pushead Nailspiker SDCC Kaneda Toys


Pushead’s Silver Anniversary WCC 21 100% & 400% Bearbrick Set shows how the style is changing and evolving to the next stage that started in the 2010’s.


Bearbrick Pushead Silver Anniversary Kaneda Toys


Latest Designs

The last few years some new Bearbrick figures have been appearing regularly. The new one is the #5 edition that has just been revamped on a golden version

These new versions are usually launched in sets and each figure has an original water printed pattern changing his colors. No two are the same as the print is slightly different on each one.

The first one was in 2014, one of the Secret Bearbricks on Series 28 on the common 100% size and it has been sold on 400%, 1000% and Chogokin 200% (metal) later.


Pushead Bearbrick

The next versions are:

2016 #2 Pushead Blue Water 100% & 400% Set


Pushead Bearbrick 100% 400% Set #2


2018 #3 Different colors mix on 100% & 400% Set. The biggest set on Pushead’s collection with 3 little ones and 1 bigger


Pushead Bearbrick 100% 400% Set #3


2019 #4 Brown colors version 100% & 400% SET


Pushead Bearbrick 100% 400% Set #4


2020 #5 Blue mix of colors


Pushead Bearbrick 100% 400% Set #5


2020 #5 This second edition it’s a blue mix too but on a golden base (fresh from the oven!).


Pushead Bearbrick 100% 400% Set #5 Golden



Now you can be part of this story and pre-order Pushead’s Bearbrick #5 100% & 400% Set on Kaneda Toys. One of our favourites without any doubt.

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