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Prints - Start your collection

Prints - Start your collection

Presenting the Murakami x Doraemon ‘Love’ Print.

In Kaneda Toys, we have everything you need to complete your art collection at home. On our website, you can not only find Art Toys and sculptures, which is what we are most passionate about, but you can also get the best art books, puzzles, small collectibles and now you can also buy the best prints.

Daniel Arsham Eroded Print

When we think of art, especially to display on a wall, we usually think of canvases and paintings. Nowadays, limited editions of Prints are being more and more valued by collectors and this means that the most famous artists and the ones with more quality are wanted as true art pieces, sometimes being sold out in minutes.

What is a Print?

A Print is a work generally done on paper that consists of printing or stamping an image. It seems simple, right? In fact, the concept is much bigger and the difference is usually in the stamping process. There are modern techniques such as photomechanical processes that have evolved from traditional processes such as engraving, intaglio or woodcut. It is an art form with many years of history and tradition that is changing everyday since its beginning that is believed to be in China in the 7th century.

OBEY Sheppard Fairey Print

Artists like to play with different kinds of paintings and many times the paper also comes into play and its texture, quality or grammage is important since they cause the final result to vary considerably.

The spectrum of works may vary from more classic artists as Francisco de Goya or Dalí to more recent and contemporary pop artists from all the world like Daniel Arsham, KAWS, Shepard Fairey (OBEY), Joan Cornellá, Hebru Brantley, Banksy, D*Face or Yoshitomo Nara.

Currently, Prints and lithographies are being sold on signed, numbered and dated limited series, which makes its value grow.

TAKASHI MURAKAMI x Doraemon ‘Love’ (2021)

In our commitment to offer the best to our followers, we present the Takashi Murakami print in collaboration with Doraemon, the famous blue cosmic cat created by Fujiko F. Fujio in the late 60s and remains an icon today.

Takashi Murakami Doraemon Love

This special KaiKai KiKi Gallery release was released alongside the Prints ‘Time Warp Scarf’ and ‘Friendship Forever’ in 2021.In it, we can see Doraemon happy and deeply in love with his friend Mii-Chan (or Mimi) over a Murakami's flower pattern.

Its size is 50 x 50 cm (19.69 ") and the edition is limited to 300 units worldwide.

Go to Kaneda Toys to find this incredible Murakami x Doraemon ‘Love’ Print, a true piece of art that will put your collection on a higher level.

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