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My First Bearbrick Baby

Not a baby toy but a designer figure

If we tell you that there are some of our beloved Bearbricks that look totally like a child rattle, and sound just like one, would you trust us?  Well, you should!

Welcome to My First Bearbrick Baby, some of the most original Bearbricks on the Medicom Toy catalogue. 

Designed by Chiaki Kuriyama, a very recognized Japanese actress, and appearing for the first time as the Series 15 Cute Bearbrick in 100% (released in December, 2007), they have become a classic for the good taste collectors. The first 400% edition was released on time for Christmas on the 24 December, 2007 with the same pink, yellow and green pastel colours as the original.

These Bearbricks always feature a common clear transparent chest section filled with coloured beads inside. When you shake it, you can hear the sound as in some of your childhood memories.

Its total safety closure makes it the most suitable Bearbrick to leave in the hands of the baby of the house, if you know what to expect if it falls (we already know that children don’t take care of toys the same way we do) and if you don’t care to clean the child drooling on it later.

This series has some excellent collaborations with popular brands as Innersect (one of the most recent releases) in a clear yellow body, Collette (using the blue colour of the logo on head, arms, legs and beads) and G.I.D., neon or chromed versions.

Our favourites are the original 400% edition from 2007, the elegant Isetan version (in black and silver, as elegant as their watches) or the one in bright red SJ50 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Singapore.

You can find My First Bearbrick Baby in sets of 100% and 400%, special 100% editions, the portable 50% ones and 1000% exclusives. If you want to try a new silhouette on your collection, you can find Rabrick and Nyabrick editions too looking like a rabbit and a cat (but we have to admit that we really love the bear ones).

Are you looking for some of these beauties? You are lucky! We have some of our favourites and original ones in our Kaneda Toys store. Run to add these Bearbrick grails to your collection and start the My First Bearbrick Baby series.
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