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Moco Museum Barcelona

Moco Museum Barcelona

A New Contemporary Art Experience.

The Moco Museum is an independent museum of Urban Art, Modern Art and Contemporary Art founded by collectors Lionel & Kim Logchies in Amsterdam. After the success of its first base in the Netherlands, the second one was inaugurated in the center of the city of Barcelona last October 2021, offering a new benchmark cultural space.

The Cervelló Palace with its impressive Gothic façade, located at Montcada Street, 25, is the ideal space to house the collection. In its various floors and spaces are reunited works from the founders and different collectors that will change over time.

KAWS Final Days Moco Museum Barcelona

After entering its patio and being fascinated by its architecture, the huge sculpture ‘Final Days’ by KAWS welcomes us. Straight ahead we can start the visit after going through the ticket office. In the first room at street level, works by modern and contemporary artists are mixed in various formats: painting, photography, sculpture... We highlight some such as the great figure of Salvador Dalí, the works of Keith Haring that remind us of his time in the city in the 80s, David LaChapelle's photography or Takashi Murakami's quintuple canvas “Pink River”.

Moco Museum Barcelona

Moving to the upper floor, different styles will make us consider art in a more current way. The rooms with works by KAWS and Banksy lead the way to immersive experiences such as the one offered by Team Lab in interactive flowers projections, the listening experience of Os Gemeos, the room with an exhibition of NFTs or the instagrammable Diamond Matrix by Studio Irma. Guillermo Lorca is the protagonist of the temporary exhibition that shows us his fantasy world in which curious animals and children intermingle in a harsh reality.

KAWS Moco Museum Barcelona

BAnksy Moco Museum Barcelona

Guillermo Lorca Moco Museum Barcelona

After your visit to the Moco Museum in Barcelona, ​​you can make your experience even more complete by visiting our website. At Kaneda Toys, we have what it takes so that your collection has nothing to envy this great museum.

Artists such as KAWS, Banksy, Andy Warhol, Yayoi Kusama, Jean Michel Basquiat, Takashi Murakami or Keith Haring share our catalog with the works that can be found at the Moco Museum.


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