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Luaiso Lopez

Luaiso López and his Universe.

Discover the artist behind the Zombie Popeye and Zombie Bluto among many others

Luaiso López is one of the spanish artists with more world projection at this moment. His characters are usually reinvented with shapes and colours that makes them completely loveable at first sight. Learn more about the artist with some of the most essential art toys of the moment.


Born in Alicante, Luaiso started drawing when he was a child. Now is an Art Toys Designer, Illustrator and Graphic designer.

He studied graphic design at Espai Gráfic school and desktop publishing at EASDA becoming a true professional in illustration.

After moving to Barcelona he published in magazines collaborating with fashion photographers such as Xevi Muntané or Ferran Casanova and began with the creation of figures and sculptures in 2014. Since then, he hasn't stopped making true masterpieces.

At this moment, he combines being an artist with teaching. He is professor at Domestika on two courses that shows you how to create your own figures. In these courses, you will learn how to make a unique and three-dimensional figure adding your own style through Luaiso’s lessons. An Art Toy from the initial idea to its completion and final presentation.

Zombie Popeye & Zombie Bluto

Zombie Popeye by Luaiso López was launched for the occasion of the Popeye’s big 90th years Anniversary in 2019. ZC World celebrated the iconic sailor man's birthday by producing a series of Popeye figures. One of the best of course is this Zombie Popeye created by the spanish artist.

Height: 24 cm // Material: PVC

Zombie Bluto (or Brutus) is the second on this collection. Popeye needed his nemesis and so Zombie Bluto was produced by ZC World too. One of the latest releases from Luaiso for this 2020.

Height: 26 cm (a bit more than Popeye, as in the serie) // Material: PVC


More Art Toys and Sculptures

Super Mario Series: Zombie Mario, Phantom Luigi and Yoshi From the Black Lagoon. 

The zombie issue on Luaiso’s work had a first representation on the Zombie Mario, a 11 '' resin figure produced with Pobber Toys. It was Sold Out just a few weeks after the launching. Following this release, other monster versions of characters from the Nintendo video games have been shown on his social media: Phantom Luigi, Yoshi From the Black lagoon or even the mushrooms.

Anxious Mickey and Maniac Pluto are two more of the creations by Luaiso. The toy artist shows a different Mickey more interested in staying inside his own world and very concerned about having contact with the exterior. Don’t worry Anxious Mickey, now we are under lockdown you can work on it. The best partner for this mouse is a Pluto with a big fake smile that seems to laugh nervously.

Kram Crocodile

A street art influenced figure representing one of the designs of the artist from Barcelona, Kram, for the Montana exhibition.

Sr Pastanaga 

A magnificent sculpture for the Art Toy Gama exhibition in Tolosa, Euskadi. A little boy in a carrot dress capturing rabbits. 


Big headed and short legged unicorns with a maybe fool expression but huge possibilities on customizing. 


Alaska, Raffaella Carrá and Sasha Velour have been some of the recognized celebrities that have received the Luaiso style treatment. You can feel like a famous personality too by asking him for a commission.



He has been present in a lot of exhibitions around the world. Here in Barcelona we had him at the Expo Toys BCN 2019 and 2020 with the unicorns (“Amor, Veneno, Tiempo y Dinero”) and “Narciso, the Frog Prince”. 

But not only here, he has been showing his world in more countries too: exhibitions on Clutter Gallery and Redefine Gallery in the USA reimagining some or KAWS figures, with Martian Toys at Toy Con UK (with an awesome and huge Loch Ness Monster)...

A special mention to the fabulous Quiccs figure with sound and light customized for New York Comic Con along with Martian Toys too.

Not only toys

You can check out the amazing prints collections of the artist too. They are all released on quality paper and ready to hang on your walls next to your toys. The perfect complement to decorate your home together.

Halfway between artistic sculpture and toys, according to Luaiso López Art Toys are collectible figurative characters for exhibitions, events or private collectors. The playful and creative aesthetics of Luaiso's works bring together a bit of his two passions: animation and video games.


Luaiso López brings new points of view of well known characters and original creations with a super personal style. Smooth technique and a personal style on Art Toys that will put an extra of creativity on your collection.


Get your Zombie Popeye & Zombie Bluto art toys now on Kaneda Toys at a great price and discover the universe of Luaiso López.
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