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Direct from Shenzhen and with his figures succeeding all around the world, Lim from LTNC Toys - Lighting Crew is one of the best Asian artists specialized on magnetic masks, and graphic design. Their main character is called Mc Gee and it is presented in a variety of forms that tries to fight against the Dead Company. It also exists Lim, a character that pays homage to their chief Designer and CEO of the company, which is dressed in multiple modern ways. Check them all below!

LTNC Toys lands in Europe thanks to Kaneda Toys, as we have the exclusivity of their product with us. That means, that you can only buy this figures with us. Limited quantities are available, as LTNC Toys DNA is to release only limited units with one production, so you can only have one chance to make it yours!

Join us and explore the whole collection of LTNC Toys and the amazing designs that are coming in soon!

LTNC Toys - Figure List


The brand is presenting a new character dressed in the same type of its precedors. The ’FOX’ is ready to land in your collection with its classic body-type. Dressed in a red hoodie that shows a branded chest of LTNC graffiti, with orange pants and red/white sneakers. Always wearing the bucket hat that is already a brand signature.

Limited to 299 pieces worldwide.

Size - 14.5CM / 6.1”

Materials - PVC + ABS



A new toy designed by LTNC Toys and Pupu Aliens. A new edition of its already classic character redefined by Pupu Aliens, showcasing the figure dressed in orange and white tracksuit, iconic removable mask from the designer and a bucket hat that appears to be hidding a penguin inside.

Limited to 220 pieces worldwide.

Size - 15.5CM / 6”

Materials - PVC + ABS



The figure stands 15CM, and presents the the classic toy created by LTNC dressed in full pink style, featuring rabbit ears and magnetic removable mask. This is an edition that pays homage to nowadays trend of streetwear culture and hype outfits! 

The hype Toy is fully dressed in pink and has removable assembling parts, like the rabbit ears above the bucket hat and the magnetic mask. The hoodie features the word SWAG in the chest.



The ASTRO piece is inspired by an astronaut that while working at the International Space Station was killed by aliens during a lunar exploration mission.

At this time, LIM, the founder of the Dead Company is in the search of new astronauts. The soul of the ASTRO applied to the process and was successfully hired under the name of Dead Astronaut for the Dead Company, who gives name to the piece calling it ASTRODEAD.

While working in the company, ASTRODEAD is planning step by step its revenge on the aliens who attacked him. When ASTRODEAD takes off his mask it does not have any expression… He is waiting to take the revenge to bring its smile on.



Mc Gee was an unknown pawn who played the mascot in an unknown place. At a time, when he was dancing in a daily performance in a fair, he was beaten to death by two gamblers. His soul finally went to the Dead Company and it became the mascot of the city.

While the dead came to laugh, he was planning to hold a grudge against the gamblers who attacked him. That’s why there will be no expression under the skeleton mask until he succeeds.



It also exists the maximized edition of the AstroDead & CasinoDead figure, with a stunning version of 60cm tall! Impressive and massive design that will make any living space much more cooler than ever!


LIBERTYDEAD Freedom is not free. Countless wars and riots can buy a period of peace and freedom. Libertydead harvests the soul and makes man kind pay a price on the road to peace and freedom. His existence is a constant reminder that human freedom is hard to come by.

So now, what’s your excuse to add a masterpiece of LTNC Toys to your collection? Which one do you pick? Get it now at Kaneda Toys!

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