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KAWS: WHAT PARTY - Exhibition, Book & Companion

KAWS: WHAT PARTY - Exhibition, Book & Companion

KAWS, a.k.a Brian Donelly, the contemporary artist who raises the most passion and hype opened his solo exhibition KAWS: WHAT PARTY on February 26th. The solo show will run until September 5th, 2021 in the Brooklyn Museum and it already has the eyes of collectors from all over the world set on it.

Brooklyn artist KAWS has bridged the worlds of art, popular culture, and fashion for more than 25 years. He is constantly adapting the rules of cultural production and consumption in the XXI century, making criticism and at the same time participating in this consumer way.


Kaws What Party Exhibition Brooklyn Museum Kaneda Toys


KAWS: WHAT PARTY is a deep journey through the art of the Brooklyn based artist featuring over a hundred works on all variety of media such as graffiti drawings and notebooks, paintings and sculptures, smaller collectibles, furniture, Art Toys and monumental Companion installations. 

It also features new pieces created exclusively for the exhibition during last year in his studio combined with some works of his early years customized street advertisements.

 Kaws What Party Brooklyn Museum Exhibition Kaneda Toys

Kaws What Party Brooklyn Exhibition Kaneda Toys

Kaws What Party Brooklyn Exhibition Kaneda Toys

Kaws What Party Brooklyn Exhibition Kaneda Toys


Always in the forefront, KAWS invites us to connect with its work, exploring the relation with us and the environment. At the exhibition, you will enjoy the experience both in person and virtually thanks to the digital art platform Acute Art directed by the renowned Daniel Birnbaum from Sweden. A series of augmented reality works will allow the visitors to interact with sculptures and even merchandising using their phones.


The book based on the exhibition about the artist at the Brooklyn Museum, does not focus only on the show. KAWS, the editorial Phaidon and the museum publish a book that functions as a retrospective of the works of the artist from his beginnings in street art to their most recent contemporary art projects presented around the world.

The book captures like never before parts of KAWS' creative process and works in his studio in 1.500 illustrations. It contains a selection of works that move between fine arts and pop culture and photographs of the  KAWS: WHAT PARTY installation at Brooklyn Museum.

Daniel Birnbaum and Eugenie Tsai curate the 256 pages of this book with hardcover and a size of  305 x 238 mm (12 x 9 3/8 in). 

There are four different editions of the book (with the same content) but with the KAWS WHAT PARTY figure with different colours on the cover. You can buy it on pink, black, yellow and orange or even all of them, if you are completist,


All four editions are available on Kaneda Toys so if you are a KAWS fan or admirer of the art in general, we make it easy for you.

SEPARATED, a new Companion.KAWS Separated Figure Kaneda Toys

Along with the exhibition and book, KAWS presented a new vinyl art collectable where the popular Companion comes on a new position. SEPARATED was first sold out at the launch of the WHAT PARTY show but all the collectors and bots had a new chance at

SEPARATED comes in the three basic Companion colours (black, grey and brown) and it shows us a sad and devastated character, as opposed to the Holidays figures from the artist, covering his face with his hands and his legs crossed.

KAWS Separated Vinyl Figure - Black Grey Brown Kaneda Toys

Another perfectly done vinyl toy of 7.75” tall with a release price of 280 USD each one version.

KAWS: WHAT PARTY is a show to celebrate the 25th years of the artist still running and creating more than ever art pieces that are breaking all the borders. If you are lucky enough to be able to visit the exhibition, it is on view from Wednesday to Sunday (11 am to 6 pm) and you can get your tickets here:

As you would probably know, Kaneda Toys offers you the best KAWS figures. Purchase now the KAWS: WHAT PARTY book on our online story choosing your favourite cover colour or discover our KAWS Companions, Bearbricks, puzzles and much more for sale.
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