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KAWS, a.k.a Brian Donelly, the contemporary artist who raises the most passion and hype opened his solo exhibition KAWS: WHAT PARTY on February 26th. Brooklyn artist KAWS has bridged the worlds of art, popular culture, and fashion for more than 25 years. He is constantly adapting the rules of cultural production and consumption in the XXI century, making criticism and at the same time participating in this consumer way.

KAWS: WHAT PARTY is a deep journey through the art of the Brooklyn based artist featuring over a hundred works on all variety of media such as graffiti drawings and notebooks, paintings and sculptures, smaller collectibles, furniture, Art Toys and monumental Companion installations.

The book captures like never before parts of KAWS' creative process and works in his studio in 1.500 illustrations. It contains a selection of works that move between fine arts and pop culture and photographs of the  KAWS: WHAT PARTY installation at Brooklyn Museum. Daniel Birnbaum and Eugenie Tsai curate the 256 pages of this book with hardcover and a size of  305 x 238 mm (12 x 9 3/8 in). 

There are four different editions of the book (with the same content) but with the KAWS WHAT PARTY figure with different colors on the cover. The fourth previous colourways were released at Kaneda Toys half year ago but now, but a special extra colourway has been released by the artist to keep celebrating the solo show. So, in total there will be five different covers.

The Black/Pink cover edition is the latest addition to the family of the KAWS What Party book set, and this exclusive Black/Pink colourway is on point for Christmas celebrations.

All four editions have been available on Kaneda Toys so if you are a KAWS fan or admirer of the art in general, we make it easy for you. Unfortunately, previous colourways are already sold out but if you missed the previous release, now it’s your time to get your hands on this exclusive item.

Make it yours now HERE.

As you would probably know, Kaneda Toys offers you the best KAWS figures. Purchase now the KAWS: WHAT PARTY book on our online story choosing your favourite cover colour or discover our KAWS Companions, Bearbricks, puzzles and much more for sale.

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