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Maximizing the strong connection that the artist KAWS has with Japanese culture, KAWS: Tokyo First will be the first Japan’s large-scale exhibition of the artist. Representing the idea of ‘returning to the origin’ the show is titled the same as his first solo exhibition held in Japan at Shibuya Parco in 2001, and now, 20 years later, the artist is back to Japan to present is first large-scale exhibition that traces the unique trajectory of art production and its significance in the history of art.


KAWS Tokyo First 

The exhibition approaches KAWS’ visual narrative covering both areas of commercial art and fine art, with paintings from his early graffiti days to his latest works, including art paintings, statues, products, merchandise, etc… 

KAWS states: “I have always felt a strong connection with Japanese Culture. It has always been a great source of motivation and inspiration for my creative work. I am very much looking forward to seeing many of my work over the past 20 years at this exhibition and to show Japanese people the new paintings and sculptures for the first time. Please enjoy the exhibition.” 

As KAWS declares, the larg-scale exhibition won’t only find figurines and paintings, guests will also be immersed into augmented reality works and “KAWS: Playtime” interactive experiences for children. To complete the show, “KAWS: Tokyo First” will also display KAWS’ own private art collection to recreate KAWS’ studio scene.

The exhibition will be held from 16th July to 11th October at the Mori Arts Center Gallery. Tickets for the show will be available for reservation beginning 1st July with a cost of $23/25 USD depending if you attend on weekday or weekend.

Commemorative merchandise with Uniqlo, goods and special product releases with new figures and restocks will be releasing at “KAWS: Tokyo First” official website. New figures, Collaborative Bearbricks and meaningful restocks of KAWS figures. Do you want to see what’s releasing? Find here the complete guide list:


#1 KAWS Family Brown/Blue/White or #2 KAWS Family Black

It seems KAWS is not about independent figures, but a family itself. The KAWS Family is a brand new complete set of the artist that includes 4 brand new different figures inspired by the characters BFF, Companion, Chum and a redefinition of the Clean Slate. The whole set includes:

  • KAWS BFF slightly modified so it can put its right hand above the shoulders of the new Chum character, and with its left hand posed on its hips. A new fresh take that pretends to be one of the main parents of the KAWS Family.
  • The other parent seems to be the KAWS Companion, which is presented very similar to its original look, but with a different body-pose taking care of the little child figure below him.
  • One of the little ‘kids’ of the family is another small Companion figure. This little Companion is holding a Chum mini-figure.
  • The other little kid of the family belongs to the Chum character.

Price for KAWS Family whole set is set at 82,500¥ (approximately $750 USD). 


#3 BEARBRICK KAWS Tension 100% + 400% or #4 BEARBRICK KAWS Tension 1000%


Medicom Toy has been a long partner of the artist since his early days with the production of original KAWS figures. Alongside other successful Bearbrick collaborations, now the artist and the Japanese manufacturer are presenting a new Bearbrick titled ‘Tension’, inspired by his original artworks that features the classic bold and colorful paintings from the artist all over the Bearbrick body.

Presented in Medicom Toy classic sizing, KAWS ‘Tension’ Bearbrick will be available in both sizes 100%+400% or 1000%. The price is set at 24,200¥ for the 100%+400% Set (approximately $190USD) and 70,400¥ for the 1000% (approximately $550 USD). No release date has been announced yet.


#5 KAWS Companion Brown or #7 KAWS Companion Blush


The original KAWS figure finds a new release of its Brown Open Edition and Blush Open Edition. The release is priced at 24,200¥ (approximately $190 USD).

#6 KAWS Companion (Flayed) Brown or #8 KAWS Companion (Flayed) Blush

The Flayed Companion is one of the most recognized figures ever of KAWS. The Companion is presented into a mid-section of its body in Brown and Blush colors. Releasing at 24,200¥ (approximately $190 USD).

#9 KAWS What Party Black, #10 Yellow, #11 Orange, #12 White, #13 Pink

A restock of one of the latest figures of KAWS is expected to be released to celebrate the exhibition. KAWS What Party will be back at KAWS Tokyo Firsbt’s official website in all colors (Black, Yellow, Orange, White and Pink) at a price of 31,680¥ (approximately $250 USD).

Alongside all collaborative figures, a capsule collection has also been presented in collaboration with Uniqlo, dropping in the meanwhile. Here you can find the collection and other commemorative releases.

KAWS x Uniqlo ‘Tokyo First’ Capsule Collection




KAWS x Fireking Japan Milk & Coffee Glass



For the moment, that’s all folks! Never miss out a release again with Kaneda Toys, the place to be when it comes to Art Toys! If you want to secure your cop, you can check our whole collection of KAWS figures that are now available for sale here.

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