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Kaws new figure leaked

KAWS: 2020, what a year...

A new KAWS figure has been leaked on the Instagram profile of the artist. Is it a new release?

Brian Donnelly shows what it seems to be the new Companion release lying with his face down at the same time he celebrates his birthday. A possible reflection on how is this year going?

It’s very similar to the Holiday figure from the Korea exhibition but not in the same relaxed mood. The 2020 situation and the US elections seem to impact this character’s humour that appears to be defeated.

What might seem like a common Companion turned upside down, shows us details like the curled up feet or his ass up while it hides its face.

AllRightsReserved sharing the same photo on his Instagram profile gives us the clue that they will be producing it and releasing it on his DDT Store as they previously did with other figures like KAWS: Holiday Space or KAWS Seeing.

If this new figure follows the preceding ones, we will have a new vinyl Companion measuring around 30 cms and possibly valued at 350 USD.

Are you excited to know more about this release?

Meanwhile, you can find other KAWS figures on our online shop in Kaneda Toys.

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