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KAWS:HOLIDAY Changbai Mountain

KAWS:HOLIDAY Changbai Mountain

Global Debut of the new KAWS figure

After a long time collaborating with AllRightsReserved and with the support of The North Face, the KAWS:HOLIDAY journey takes for the first time the form of a large sculpture in a cold mountain.

For its 8th performance and after amazing locations such as Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, the controversy in Singapore or the hot air balloon in the UK, KAWS:HOLIDAY is making a stop in Changbai Mountain in China.

KAWS Holiday China Companion Changbai Mountain

A spectacular snowy landscape welcomes everyone who wants to attend this masterpiece, two typical Companion covered in white and in nature making them one of the most special events of the moment. 

Along with this great creation, as usual, is the launch of three vinyl sculptures in a worldwide launch debut of the figure, which we could see for the first time in early December in a photo published by KAWS itself.

DDT Store and AllRightsReserved is releasing the expected ‘Brown’ and ‘Black’ (no yellow eyes this time) versions but they are including a ‘Snowy White’ one that reminds us of the Undercover Bear for the KAWS x Jun Takahashi collaboration. Sure all the bots will be crazy to get this white one!

KAWS Holiday China Companion Changbai Mountain

KAWS Holiday China Companion Changbai Mountain

KAWS Holiday China Companion Changbai Mountain


  • Material: Vinyl
  • Height: 8.5 inches
  • Certificated NFC chip of authenticity

This KAWS:HOLIDAY Changbai Mountain doesn’t come only with the vinyl figures. There will be fresh merchandising as snow globes, hand warmers or zip up jackets to take your love for KAWS to another level.

Go to our Kaneda Toys store and look at all the KAWS products we have (books, puzzles, figures, Bearbricks…) and pay attention, maybe you will find a ‘coold’ surprise soon.

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