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Kaneda Toys, joins Eco Packaging Alliance! 🌲♻️

Kaneda Toys, joins Eco Packaging Alliance! 🌲♻️

As we informed in our first post on our blog, everything in Kaneda Toys is curated to detail and we are proud of one of our best decisions that concerns the future of our planet.

We have teamed up with Noissue to make our packagings 100% eco-friendly!

We want to provide customers with a sustainable unboxing experience without excessive amounts of non-recyclable plastics. We have developed, in collaboration with Noissue and our design and illustration team, a custom packaging for every order that will help to plant trees in deforested regions across the world. 

With this collaboration, we are joining the Eco-packaging Alliance Program of Noissue and we couldn’t be happier.

Who are Noissue?

Noissue was founded to provide makers, brands and businesses of all sizes access to custom, sustainable packaging.

They’re characterized by their commitment to sustainability for all their products, their simple online design platform, and their low minimum order quantities.

Their boxes are Compostable, Recycled and Reusable what helps in a great way to reduce waste generation. In addition, Noissue will plant trees in areas of need for every order we make.

Kaneda Toys cares about the future and who said that it isn’t compatible with increasing your collection and offering the best service?

Illustrated and designed by us

Not only satisfied with the extra value and meaning that sustainability has in our ethos, that we even took the time to show the world where we are from.

From Barcelona to the world, this unique packaging means a lot for us. We proudly think that the unboxing moment is key for every consumer and that is why we put all our efforts in make that moment really valuable. But, shh!, you will enjoy some more surprises in the packaging!

Let us know once you discover them! 🙊

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