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Kaneda Toys Wallpaper Series

Kaneda Toys Wallpaper Series

In Kaneda Toys we want to make a difference and we are always trying to improve the Art Toys experience. 

We’d like to introduce you to the Wallpaper Series by Kaneda Toys. 

A wallpaper series with exclusive and amazing shots by @snapkiller based on Art Toys that we will be releasing every 15th day of the month.

How to get them?

It’s simple as f**k and even a child could do it.

Starting tomorrow November 15th! Are you ready?

Watch out for the post on our Stories on our Instagram profile @kanedatoys .

We will send the wallpapers for FREE to the 20 followers that send us a private DM. 


Wallpaper Series Kaneda Toys KAWS Companion Small Lie

Art Toys as never seen before through the lens of one of the most professional photographers in Spain.

See you every 15th!

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Kaneda Toys, much more than a shopping experience!

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