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Joining forces half a year later than its previous release “Booty Boop”, AllRightsReserved and Joan Cornellà are back at it with a brand new figure titled: “POOPY PANTS”.


Joan Cornellà Poopy Pants


Following the journey after “My life is Pointless”, who was Joan Cornellà’s biggest solo exhibition in Hong Kong, the upcoming release celebrates Cornellà’s black humour statement: “It seems this surreal black humour resonates well with the times we live in”.

The artist captured the entire culture becoming one of the most recognized artists worldwide thanks to the great exhibition showcased at Hong Kong. The great solo show was such a great success that followed up with the release of the Booty Boop vinyl figure and rug.

Now, a few months later, Sir Joan Cornellà has reunited with ARR to release POOPY PANTS, which features the iconic Cornellà’s human figure dressed in a pink suit with yellow shirt with black tie. The famous character it’s seen with the pants pulled down to the ankles, revealing pink underwear.


Joan Cornella Poopy Pants


Even with pants down and lack of bottoms, the character proudly stands 10 inches tall holding up a white picket with black letters that says: “FIGHT THE POWER-LESS” and at the same time wearing an over-the-chest board that reads “STOP BEING POOR”. The figure also features printed sign of Joan Cornellà under feet.

Cornellà says: “Although, as I always say, I’d like my work to speak for itself, and I hope to keep interpretations as open as possible to allow for some sort of critical thinking”. Our question is, with this controversial release, what do you understand at a first glance when seeing the brand-new figure?. For sure, it will catch your attention quickly.



POOPY PANTS arrives to the world on June 16 at 10PM ET at DD Store. If you don’t want to wait and leave your luck into a crazy release, BUY NOW now to get your hands on this exclusive figure. Don’t miss a release again with Kaneda Toys!

In case you missed it, here you can find a great selection of Joan Cornellà’s pieces that were available at Kaneda Toys. Don’t miss this release and contact us before they sell out.

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