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Master of Dark Humour is back with new (skate) tricks

When we think of the Spanish artist Joan Cornella, we always think in black comedy and bizarre irony. The irreverent painter and illustrator is back with a new vinyl sculpture after his big hits Bootyboop, Fwen, K-Love or Selfie Gun.  

"DOUBLE HANDSTAND" displays two fresh characters for the vinyl creations but not for the pictures, as they have been shown a lot of times in satirical situations and comic strips of the author. The grandma and the baby look like they’re having a great time doing what they enjoy the best, skating, and it seems that they’re nailing it.

The figure was presented this December 2022 in the exhibition SEND YOURSELF NOWHERE BUT SHANGHAI. The first Shanghai museum show of Joan Cornella in HOW Art Museum·Shanghai is showcasing the never-before-seen sculptural artwork alongside 11 brand-new acrylic on canvas paintings. 

Joan Cornella Double Handstand

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Height: 13.6 inches
  • Green version
  • Printed signature under the base
  • Certificated NFC chip of authenticity
  • Shipping February 2022

There is a lot happening on "DOUBLE HANDSTAND" and we don't really know what is the weirdest thing (the grandma having a baby? both are skating?). What we do know is that this collaboration with the Asian brand AllRightsReserved is another huge success as it was sold out as fast as the other author's creations.⁠

Get your Joan Cornella "DOUBLE HANDSTAND" on Kaneda Toys before it runs out and don't let the grandma and the children be cooler than you!⁠ 

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