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Joan Cornella

Joan Cornellá - Bootyboop

We are proud to present the new release of Joan Cornellá, Bootyboop.

The last vinyl figure of the artist from Barcelona is coming to Kaneda Toys. 

Bootyboop” Vinyl Figure in collaboration with AllRightsReserved comes this December 2020 commemorating the artist’s biggest exhibition ever in Hong Kong: ‘My Life is Pointless’.

Joan Cornellá is showcasing his first-time life-size panels, bronze sculptures and more works, as well as a selection of limited print works which will not be released again.

Bootyboop is a 7 inch sculpture based on the same biggest one from the exhibition in bronze. 

If you are interested, you can buy a special Bootyboop rug too with this character and give a special ambient to your home. 


Joan Cornella Bootyboop Kaneda Toys


Who is Joan Cornellá?

Joan Cornellà Vázquez (born 11 January 1981, Barcelona) is a cartoonist and illustrator famous for his unsettling, surreal humor and black humorous comic strips as well as artwork.

Cornellà’s work has often been described as disturbing or flat-out offensive. Through simplistic visual language, he is able to use satire to comment on the sinister and often bleak side of human nature through a myriad of unconventional scenarios. Cornellà’s work revels in its absurdity and impropriety.

Upon first glance, Cornellà’s work seems light-hearted and playful, his figures all share a generic blank smile and bright cheery color palette. Black comedy, at its core, is about satirizing subjects that are traditionally prohibited, things that are seen as too sa-cred or off limits. Cornellà pokes fun at such topics and cuts to their core with gags and minimal visual clues, illustrating scenes of cannibalism, infanticide, deification, murder, suicide and amputation (used most frequently). While some feel affronted by his work, many connect over it, laughing and feeling bad for laughing all at the same time.


Joan Cornella Author Kaneda Toys



Other Joan Cornellá figures include vinyl and bronze versions of his big sculptures too but in a more accessible measure and different color versions. The protagonists used to be the perfect looking basic men that appear in his illustrations or even include a cartoon based on a well known Asian leader.

Selfie Gun 

The first one on the Cornella vinyl figures series. Social media or a gun? They both help you get popularity.


Joan Cornella Selfie Gun Kaneda Toys



Even a dictator needs to show love sometimes. Do you trust him?


Joan Cornella K-Love Kaneda Toys



A “Fwen” is always there by your side but… is this friend helping in the best way?


Joan Cornella Fwen Kaneda Toys

The works of the most sarcastic and irreverent contemporary artists are already available at Kaneda Toys. Get your Bootyboop vinyl figure from Joan Cornellá and start to view life from different sides. There is a very limited amount, so hurry up!

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