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Joan Cornellá

Not suitable for (sensitive minds) 

Yes, we have a crush on one of the Barcelona artists of the moment and we are not afraid to show it. The art of Joan Cornellá and his irony and satire are a good combination for our times. Pretty beast but who doesn’t think a bit on this world we are living or even take some laughs. You need more than two neurons to understand his humor.

Born in Barcelona in 1981 (he’s still a child!), Joan Cornellá Vázques is going up like a rocket with his new figures and exhibitions. What started as a cartoonist and illustrator now is a famous man known for his solo shows and viral comic strips and memes. Millenials love his black humour, you know. Simple visual language for everybody.

His disturbing and offensive works has been reunited in some books that are essential for your collection (a shelf with books makes you look less stupid, think about it) with deep names such as Mox Nox, Zonzo, Sot Book and Everybody Dies Alone (well, at least we know what means this last one).


An exhibition tour on Asia galleries confirms him as the successful artist that he is. Let's hope we can enjoy him here at home soon too.

We love all Cornellá’s works but we are mostly an Art Toys store so we want to dedicate a reminder of his better figures that you can even get in our website if you are fast.

The good sh!t is here

Suited men and dictators. Smooth editions in vinyl and bronze and each one with a freaky message. The collaboration with All Rights Reserved for DDT Store has produced these good results.

Poopy Pants (Jun 2021)

A 10 inches vinyl of a classist motherf*cker, the bigger vinyl figure of the artist at the moment, is the most recent release from this artist. Not only the message is ridiculous, the person on it too and we are finding more people like this every day.

Bootyboop (Dec 2020)

Bootyboop shows how sometimes a person is the same from the front than from the back. Maybe the figure was less dynamic if the back part was on the front too. Big smile and let everybody see the best of you.

Fwen (Oct 2020)

With friends helping like this, who needs enemies. Well, at least they are together and now you have a leg to play with.

K-Love (Feb 2020)

Keep the love alive with this cute dictator. A valentine special release in green and blue versions. 

Selfie Gun (Oct 2019)

The first vinyl figure was released in a limited series of 1.000 units. Social media or a gun? They both help you get popularity. 

A world with bright colours and crayon lines can’t hurt you. Well, enjoy with amputations, elegant suits and fake smiles, this world is full of shit and this is what you are gonna find on Joan Cornellá’s works.

Don’t be a fool, act smart and get as soon as you can your Joan Cornellá figures in Kaneda Toys. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to know when the release of your favourite contemporary artists pieces are.
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