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Javier Calleja & his figures

Javier Calleja & his figures

Discover more about Javier Calleja, the trendiest Spanish artist of contemporary art that is breaking auction records and making exhibitions around the globe.

Javier Calleja was born in Málaga in 1971. His academic training includes a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at Granada University in 2000 although his artistic path could’ve had a very different destiny as he was training for the Olympics as a gymnastics athlete.

His first works usually included tiny figures mixed with shapes and colors that have been alternating with larger installations.

Nowadays his style has been evolving to big eyes child-like characters usually with ironic messages behind their looks (like No Art Here, Do not Touch or the popular F*ck You).

Although their works seem to be a bit simple, the surprise and humor behind makes them amazing art pieces easily enjoyable by everyone.

In his paintings, drawings and sculptures Javier unfolds comics, cartoons and toys references as long as influences by different artists like René Magritte or Yoshitomo Nara.

Now his Asian success is opening him the doors of the most important galleries showing his pop art and surrealist jewels.

Javier Calleja Sculptures

Bearbrick F*ck You

Javier Calleja has the honor to be the first Spanish artist to have a Bearbrick produced by Medicom Toy (the Spanish flag on Series 19 doesn’t count). The bearish child with a smiley face wears a shirt with an important message to all. 

100% & 400% Set (2018)

Javier Calleja Bearbrick Fuck You
Bearbrick Javier Calleja Fuck You Medicom Toy

1000%  (November 2020) in Kaneda Toys 

Bearbrick Javier Calleja 1000% Medicom Toy

Get your Javier Calleja F*ck You Bearbrick 1000% on Kaneda Toys! A very limited offer!


This cool selection of art figures by Javier Calleja shows his kind characters usually in a little format than his biggest sculptures. They’re created on a variety of materials such as PVC, fiberglass, wood or ceramic.

Missing the Blue Sky

The first figure of Javier in collaboration with Apportfolio and a huge success. You will be lucky if you find one of these sold out friends.


Javier Calleja Missing Blue Sky


Do Not Touch

Calleja also created a limited edition sculpture and used the sales proceeds to buy 200,000 face masks for local hospitals in his hometown of Málaga.

Javier Calleja Do not Touch


Little Maurizio

This little boy is a tribute to Maurizio Cattelan, an artist he admires and whose works are loaded with ingenuity and a keen sense of humour. 



No Art Here and Heads

Medicom Toy figures have been on sale this December but only to pick up on the 2G store in Tokyo or Osaka. They’re based on the ‘No Art Here’ and ‘Heads’ sculptures from the exhibition in the PARCO store in Shibuya.

Javier Calleja No Art Here medicom Toy
Javier Calleja Heads 2G Tokyo


Pot Pop Top with Case Studyo

2 ceramic heads with crystal eyes flower vase and planter pot on a metaphor of children's creativity. Created in collaboration with Case Studyo.

Javier Calleja Pot Pop Top with Case Studyo


2G Tokyo Exhibition - No Art Here

The last Javier Calleja exhibition at this moment is ending this December at Nanzuka Gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo. The artist is back to Japan to show his big sculptures in a solo show.


Playful children with big eyes on cute works full of humour, surprise and irony in the world of Javier Calleja. 

Find the biggest Bearbrick F*ck You 1000% from Javi Calleja on Kaneda Toys and start the collection of one of the most popular artists of the moment.

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