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Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny, an XX-Ray vision.

Jason Freeny has X-Ray vision? Have you ever thought what the figures were like inside?

Jason Freeny seems to look at the world under his X-ray vision but this is not his only super power. The talented artist is a specialist on anatomical designs that shows the bones and guts from vinyl and resin figures but he also makes it possible for bombs and missiles to melt without exploding. Let us introduce you to this art toys master in today's post.

Jason Freeny is a sculptor and toy designer based in New York. He was born in Silver Spring, Maryland. He studied industrial design at Pratt Institute and spent most of his early artist years in production, retail and properties design for companies such as MTV or ESPN. This experience on prototyping makes his sculptures so perfect that they are often confused as mass produced toys. 

Since 2006, Jason has been diligently exploring the interior anatomics of the most popular characters. In 2010 he finally started his career on his own. In 2015 Jason joined art toy company MightyJaxx to produce limited edition sculpture reproductions and manufactured toys based on his creations. The voted Best Artist by fans in Designer Art Toy Awards back in 2014 mixes toy design, art and science.

Balloon Dog Anatomy

Inspired by the balloon dogs on a reference to Jeff Koons, this big boy (10”) comes in different exterior translucent colours and shows us that the beauty is inside. A funny puzzle of bones and innards.


Ballon Doog Jason Freeny XX-Ray Vision Kaneda Toys

Gummy Bear Anatomy

Gummy Bears are soft and elastic, right? Well, think again as it seems they’ve got a full skeleton! You can remove the skull to show her little brain. His size is 8,5”, pretty good for this mix between art toy and puzzle.


Gummy Bear Anatomy Jason Freeny Kaneda Toys



Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles

Sesame Street and Spongebob Squarepants are the protagonists of the mini series of Freeny’s blind boxes. You will find special editions and meme versions of your favourite characters.




Melting Bomb

As we previously told you, Jason Freeny is not only making dissectibles. This amazing polystone sculpture shows how a bomb is melting without exploding. Its height is 8” and is a two parts design.


 Jason Freeny Mighty Jaxx Melting Bomb Kaneda Toys


Skull Bomb

Jason creates this smooth and clear resin bomb with a skull on his front. What is shown inside can bring us to different meanings. Would you prefer the flower edition or the Phantom one? Each one is unique and elegant and his size is 8”.

Freeny’s Hidden Skull Bomb

We are not exaggerating to say that almost every pop icon has the Jason Freeny dissected treatment. Which one do you like the most? Do you prefer the complete body interiors or combined with the half part of the original figure? 

You can find a fine selection of the most popular Jason Freeny’s figures on our Kaneda Toys online shop. They’re truly essential in a collection and they’re even entertaining to assemble.

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