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Haroshi Bearbricks

On our search for the most limited and hyped Bearbricks, we have to stop on some of the most beautiful and charming bears. Haroshi Bearbricks collection needs a post to show the true beauty of their sculptures and the creativity and talent of the artist. 

Who is Haroshi?

Haroshi is a Japanese artist most known for his works combining his two passions: skateboarding and sculpting. The result of this fusion is an own pop style when carving the wood of used and glued skateboards and creating all kinds of icons.

He has been dedicating himself to this for 17 years and it does not look like his skates are going to slow down. With his works he travels around the world to exhibit them in important galleries in London, New York, Tokyo, Berlin or Paris, among others.

With this original technique, Haroshi has been producing work from discarded skateboard decks which are compressed into a solid material from which he sculpts his work. Thanks to his years of practice, the colourful layers are used to simulate shapes and contrasts in his works with the wood. His Guzo series and the vintage sofubi custom figures are some of his most well known pieces. 

Bearbricks collection

At this moment, we can mention 2 different Haroshi Bearbricks, all of them created in the 400% format and with the collaboration with the excellent Japanese furniture manufacturers Karimoku. 

The original Haroshi Bearbrick x Karimoku 400% has horizontal lines that create a linear pattern as in some of his traditional works.

The special and ultra rare edition of this Bearbrick was released in August 2020 using the same technique with reutilized skateboard decks with a more true aspect.

The last one is a special version where the vertical veneer lines on the Bearbrick creates a more colourful pattern on this iconic figure. 

The only sad thing is that these charming sculptures are so hard to get out of Japan. They used to be available only for local buyers in raffles direct on the 2G Osaka shops and you have to go there to collect them, so you have to include the amount of the travel on your expenses. It’s a great price but maybe quite expensive, that depends on each one. Just check the Medicom Toy Blog for new announcements and to have the chance to get yours. 


Haroshi Bearbricks are true art pieces, aren’t they? Discover our entire collection of Bearbricks at Kaneda Toys and start your art collection with the most amazing figures and Art Toys.
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