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The amazing genius Sorayama takes chrome and shiny textures to another level and that's one of the reasons why he is one of the trendiest contemporary creators. We take this opportunity to learn more about this essential Japanese artist and his signature sexy robots and metallic versions of pop icons.

Hajime Sorayama Kaneda Toys

Hajime Sorayama is a cult Japanese illustrator. For decades, he has been drawing the cyber and erotic fantasies of more than a generation. While still in high school, he began drawing female figures inspired by the pin-ups of magazines like Playboy and Penthouse.

He graduated in Art in 1969 and began working in advertising. He has been running his solo career for almost 50 years. Since 1978, his series "Sexy Robot" has led him to be a world-renowned author for his creations in which he realistically reflects the beauty of humanoid with metallic curves. The result is a fusion between nature and technology through the topic of the coexistence of robots and humans.

Winner of international awards for his designs, among many other works, he is also recognized for having made the design of the famous Sony robot dog, AIBO, or even for having created the illustration for the album cover "Just push play" by Aerosmith. But that 's not all...


The World of Art under Sorayama’s feet: Fashion, Paintings, Sculptures...

Sorayama 's success has led him to work alongside the best brands and artists of our time. Let’s take a look at some of his extraordinary collaborations and exhibitions.


Kim Jones, fashion designer and Dior Men's Artistic Director, presented the Pre-Fall 2019 collection with an amazing Sorayama’s contribution. The Fashion show held in Tokyo had a spectacular assembly. A futuristic play of lights and a huge sculpture of a very feminine robot brought the attention to the audience.

Hajime Sorayama Dior Show Kaneda Toys

The 11-meter chrome figure follows the artist's own style inspired by sexy robots used in illustrations since the 1980s. Not only that, inspiration reaches some of the brand's garments and we could see it on belts, jewelry or purses.

This is not her first approach to fashion as in 2016, Juun.J clothes included his designs.

Hajime Sorayama Juun J Hajime Sorayama Juun J T Shirt


Daniel Arsham, the New York-based artist to whom we already dedicated a post in our blog, and Sorayama have been collaborating on exhibitions and figures after presenting his first sculpture for his exhibition at NANZUKA's 2G studio in Tokyo back in November 2019.

The duo have created some one-of-a-kind pieces that blend Sorayama 's futuristic aesthetic with Arsham 's eroded designs.


KAWS x Sorayama - No Future Companion

Yes, two of the biggest names in contemporary art have a collaboration too. The result of these two minds joining in a figure is the No Future Companion. The well known KAWS character has another futuristic dimension in silver and black chrome colours.

Kaws Sorayama No Future Companion

Sorayama’s sculptures have a very wide range of characters: from Disney or Marvel to brands logos like XLarge. They are usually based on his pictures and we can find robots (yes, surprise) and even teddy bears or dinosaurs. Special mention to the Classic Robot Surf with a big metallic wave.

Sorayama‘s Bearbricks

Our beloved Bearbrick by Medicom Toy has taken a lot of advantage of all the Sorayama‘s collaborations. If someone managed to put them all together the result would be a shiny and luxury collection that will blind you if the sun hits them directly. Here are some of the examples of the best Sorayama’s Bearbricks:

Iron Man Bearbrick

The Sorayama edition of the Marvel character Iron Man based on his sculpture gets this bear body version for Medicom Toy in gold and silver colours. Direct from the 2G Tokyo release to your shelves in 1000% and 100% & 400% set sizes.

Arsham x Sorayama

Bearbrick brings together the most distinctive elements of Hajime Sorayama and Daniel Arsham. This figure is juxtaposing Sorayama ’s signature streamline, futuristic aesthetic, and Arsham ’s Future Archaeology half and half to create an original and searched Bearbrick grial.

Sexy Robot Bearbrick & Rabbrick

Haijme Sorayama Sexy Robot Gold Bearbrick

Haijme Sorayama Sexy Rabbrick

The original Sexy Robot image is adapted to the Bearbrick body and also to the Rabbrick, the rabbit version. There are gold and silver editions and they can even be found in the 200% (or Chogokin) metal format.

Sorayama x TYGA Bearbrick

Haijme sorayama bearbrick tyga kaneda toys

The collaboration between the rapper TYGA and the Japanese artist results in an edition very similar to the Rabbrick but in the bear version with a pattern on the back. In gold and silver too.

Sorayama Future Mickey Bearbrick


Hajime Sorayama Medicom Toy Bearbrick Future Mickey Hajime Sorayama Future Gold Mickey Medicom Toy

The most famous pop icon has his Sorayama version too. This time with two editions, both with the chrome background tone, one with the characteristic red trousers and the other in the luxurious gold and silver colors.

Sorayama x Xlarge Bearbrick

Medicom Toy X Large Bearbrick Hajime Sorayama Kaneda Toys

Again a chrome bear body in gold and silver, with the LA streetwear brand XLarge logo on the Bearbrick chest.

Sorayama 2G Bearbrick

Hajime Sorayama 2G Tokyo Bearbrick Silver Kaneda Toys Medicom Toy 2G Tokyo Bearbrick Sorayama Kaneda Toys

The most special shop and gallery in Tokyo and Osaka, 2G, has the logo designed by Sorayama. After the collaborations with Medicom Toy, it’s not difficult to know that the gallery will have a very special Bearbrick too. Two versions with the logo on the translucent chest and gold and silver on the body.

Most recent experiences

We can find a bit of everything in the most recent Sorayama’s installations, exhibitions and collaborations.

One of his latest (and most impressive) works, Sexy Robot Floating, a 5 meters sculpture, was installed in 2020 in the Parco shopping center. This figure was produced in a more manageable size in three colour versions: silver, gold and black metal.

We can’t forget to mention the exhibition at Parco Osaka with H.R. Giger to start 2021. A curious mix of the works of the two artists: terrifying aliens and sexy robots united.

Regarding collaborations, we highlight the special design of a limited edition sneakers for the Japanese brand Mizuno that are a real gem.

The last project at the moment of writing this is the Dinosauria exhibition at NANZUKA 2G in Shibuya Parco. The exhibition includes paintings depicting Stegosaurus, Raptors, and Triceratops as robots, and a robotized sculpture of a Tyrannosaurus based on the painting by Sorayama. A collection of T-shirts with UNIQLO and Jurassic World will be out in March 2021 too.

A great opportunity to learn more about this great artist who mixes anatomy and technology to create realistic figures and shapes that we would not be surprised to see with us in a not too distant future.

At Kaneda Toys, you can find Hajime Sorayama figures like the Bearbrick Marvel Iron Man x Sorayama or even participate in the Sorayama & Daniel Arsham Bearbrick Raffle.
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