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Celebrating Bittersweet Life

Gary Baseman (Los Angeles, California) is an American illustrator and contemporary artist whose work explores "the beautiful and bittersweet in life" through painting, performance, illustration, toys, films, and fashion. 



His multifaceted career includes illustrations for clients such as The New York Times, Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal, as well as the design of the popular game Cranium. 

Awarded by his animation for the Disney series “Teacher’s Pet” he is a regular guest at many of the most important design and creativity festivals in the world.

Baseman's aesthetic combines iconic pop art images, pre-and post-war vintage motifs, cross-cultural mythology and literary and psychological archetypes. His style is a surrealist pop art that often reminds us of artists like his friend Mark Ryden. His draws have soft lines and colours with a red predominance in characters full of stories and personality. 

He’s been exhibiting around the globe in cities such as New York, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Toronto, Barcelona… His latest goals include a large retrospective showing more than a hundred of his works, photographs, videos and toys.

Main Baseman Characters

Baseman’s main characters have been on a lot of media from the artist and some of them have their own art toy representations.


Toby is perhaps the most known of Baseman’s characters and his alter ego. He is your best friend who loves unconditionally, and will keep all of your secrets safe and protected. Loyal and daring, he’ll happily join you on all your adventures and you can find him being a curious fellow or even a secr priest.

Chou Chou

An adorable and oozing creature that takes away negative energy and is always able to help. Chou Chou appears on art toys and illustrations.


Bubble Girls, Butterfly Girls… Girls are recurring characters in Gary Baseman‘s works. They are usually naive and beautiful, with a mix between sensuality and mischief, and they often make us perceive that they are not as innocent as they could look on a first sight.


Ahrwhoo is one of the most modern characters of the artist. Inspired by Blackie the Cat, the social media sensation in Baseman’s videos and passed away in 2020. Ahrwhoo is cute and scary but can scratch to get what it wants too.

Gary Baseman's art is present on a multitude of platforms such as the Dunny from Kidrobot or the Qee.

In addition, he is also one of the artists to have his edition of the porcelain figure The Guest, designed by Jaime Hayón for Lladró.


Check our Kaneda Toys website to include some Gary Baseman art toys in your collection. You can take the hand of Toby or Chou Chou and let them be your guides.

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