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FRIENDSWITHYOU 1st Vinyl Figure: Little Cloud

FRIENDSWITHYOU 1st Vinyl Figure: Little Cloud

The world was expecting that the first ever vinyl figure from FRIENDSWITHYOU must happen at some point. And finally, here it is!

FRIENDSWITHYOU was founded back then in 2002 by Samuel Albert Borkson and Arturo Sandoval and after many years of great works and solo exhibitions, the Los Angeles-based artist duo is ready to jump in the Art Toy culture with its Little Cloud vinyl figure, which will be the first ever figure released from the duo.

FRIENDSWITHYOU work in a variety of disciplines including painting, sculpture and large-scale installations in public playgrounds amongst other performances. But more than that, they are worldwide recognized by its general message into their interdisciplinary practice: always seeking to relay a positive message of magic, luck and friendship. And this is what exactly ‘Little Cloud’ pretends to be, the name of the epicenter character of the work of the artist duo.

Little Cloud pretends to be a symbol of hope and the unification between humans and the natural world. It is a positive call to action, to spread and share happiness within connectivity. The character is a key symbol of FRIENDSWITHYOU’s mission and transcends the viewer to a peaceful joys and more positive state. For more than 16 years, the duo artist has been developing their icon character which reveals that everything in the world has a soul and a purpose: a spiritual essence, and its always reflected in all of their work. The artists state: “bringing this sculpture to life, invokes a continuation into the proliferation of healing art objects”.

And now, partnering up with AllRightsReserved, they are presenting their latest collaboration to release the first ever figure from FRIENDSWITHYOU: the LITTLE CLOUD Vinyl Figure.

The release will condense all the mission and vision from the Los Angeles-based duo artist, reflecting the FRIENDSWITHYOU’s signature of happiness and peaceful joy through the body of his most recognized character, the most cute and adorable cloud ever. The figure looks simples at first sight, but it isn’t, as the special release will come in a limited edition production of only 500 units worldwide. 

Standing 7.5inch and being available in two versions, White and Gold Plated, the release was scheduled for Monday 9.20 at DDTStore, and retail price was of HK$1.415 (approximately 180USD) and shipping will start in November 2021. 



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