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‘FEELO x TWIG’ by Felix Treadwell x AllRightsReserved

‘FEELO x TWIG’ by Felix Treadwell x AllRightsReserved

Everyone must have a dinosaur friend.

Felix Treadwell is a UK artist based in Taiwan. His paintings transport us to a simplified universe of flat but pleasant lines and colours, often childlike, tender and warm. Dinosaurs, kaijus, children and his constant character Feelo appear on the canvases and drawings that recreate his imaginary world.

Feelo x Twig come to life in the form of sculptures in the set created by AllRightsReserved in which, in addition to Feelo, we can find a figure of Twig, the blue dinosaur, who we could already see in his first solo show in Taipei in a much bigger version in solitary.

‘FEELO x TWIG’ by Felix Treadwell x AllRightsReserved

This new Feelo x Twig figure follows Felix Treadwell's previous work with VINS to create a polystone bust of Feelo. The character who has not stopped appearing in his paintings in recent years takes his name from his nickname at school. Feelo is always curious and has what seems like an immutable face.

We have been lucky enough to enjoy Treadwell in his exhibition last June 2020 at the L21 Gallery in Mallorca. Now thanks to AllRightsReserved we can have in our collection this set of the couple formed by Feelo and Twig.

‘FEELO x TWIG’ by Felix Treadwell x AllRightsReserved

‘FEELO x TWIG’ by Felix Treadwell x AllRightsReserved


Material: Polyurethane, Resin, Mixed-media

Height: 16 inches (40,64 cms)

Edition of 100 units worldwide (80 sets available via lottery)

Launching Price: HK$14,130 ($1814)

Printed signature under foot

Numbered certificate of authenticity

‘FEELO x TWIG’ by Felix Treadwell x AllRightsReserved

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