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Emilio garcía Brain Heart Kaneda Toys

Emilio García - Multicolor Brain Hearts

Emilio García is one of the most successful Art Toy artists from Barcelona, where Kaneda Toys is based. 

These last weeks some of Emilio Garcia’s works have been released and confirmed him as one of the artists to keep in mind.

Brain Hearts

We first saw the Brain Hearts at SWAB Barcelona International Contemporary Art Fair back in 2016 in a monochromatic version on the 3 Punts Gallery stand. 


Brain Hearts Monocholor Emilio Garcia


The well known brainy treatment from Emilio is shown this time on “realistic” hearts. After using it on frogs, grenades, bugs or skulls we got a reflection on what if the heart and the brain worked together. 

The return of these figures was this last September, again at the SWAB 2019, where they were presented. 

Brain Heart SWAB 2019

This multicolored edition of 9 Emilio García’s Brain Hearts, produced handmade and painted in the author’s studio in El Vendrell, has just been sold in a flash and we are waiting for more to come soon.


Brain Heart Emilio García 3 Punts

"Brain heart multicolor 4" 2020
Mixed Technique
13x9x8 cm. / 5x3.5x3 in.
Unique piece
Brain Heart Emilio García
"Brain heart multicolor 8" 2020
Mixed Technique
13x9x8 cm. / 5x3.5x3 in.
Unique piece

Sponge Brain “Upside Down” Monotone edition

In addition to the Brain Hearts release, this last 29th of October a new series of Sponge Brain “Upside Down” Monotone edition has been sold out on Emilio García’s online shop. 

Only 100 pieces worldwide, individually hand embellished, numbered and signed with a size of 45 x 45 cm.

Spongebob Monochrome Edition Emilio Garcia

There is no doubt that Emilio García’s art pieces can be used as investment as well as the products that you can find at Kaneda Toys.

Buy your figures now on our online shop and start a new experience.

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