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Edgar Plans (Madrid, 1977) says that he doesn’t remember when he started painting. What he does know is that all his life he has been surrounded by pencils and crayons and that he didn’t hesitate to use them on all the walls he saw, both at home and outside.

After moving to Gijón (where he still resides) in 1985, this passion for drawing and his family’s respect by the creative world led to his first drawing classes. What was wrong? He wanted to draw his own things so he didn't last long. At the age of 15, in search of more technique skills, he came to José María Ramos's workshop where he learned to express what he wanted through painting and drawing. Later he graduated in Art History at the University of Oviedo.

Edgar’s style mixes children's illustration, pop and street art, of which he is a big fan for his freedom, just like when children create. In his paintings we can appreciate an ode to innocence and the discovery of the first things when we are kids.

His paintings have a certain childlike mood. But there is much more behind them. The themes of his works range from criticism of the problems of society to the creation of characters drawn from his imagination.

Although he enjoys great prestige worldwide and proof of them are the exhibitions in New York, Miami, Barcelona or the most recent that is taking place in Paris in June 2021, his art is a huge success in Asian cities like Seoul, Hong Kong or Tokyo.


Hero Artist

The best-known and most representative character that appears in a multitude of Edgar Plans paintings is the Hero Artist. A child showing his inner artist and being the best at what he does. In its 3D version, it has a very powerful message “Power is on you” with which he encourages us not to set limits to get where we want.

The sculpture in collaboration with the brand Misha Made from Hong Kong, comes in 3 different colour versions (blue, red and pink) with 40 units of each one. The size of these editions is 30 cm but there is a bigger one of 1,5 m high limited to only 10 units. 

There is also a VR edition released recently and there is no doubt that we will be meeting this little kid in more formats too.

We can’t believe that you are not a fan of Edgar Plans after reading this post. Look in Kaneda Toys for figures as good as his creations and display them together to create a unique space at your home.