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Bearbrick Ron English

Do you know what Art Toys are? 📣

Art Toys or Designer Toys, are collectible art figures created by an artist in order to show its style in a 3D way. But, are they really toys?

Although their designs are usually inspired by toys, they are not for children but for adults most interested in art, who like to collect these fun and interesting art pieces. Sometimes they bring childhood memories, sometimes they’re irresistibly cool and sometimes they are used as investment.

The first Designer Toys appeared in the 1990s in Hong Kong created by Michael Lau (based on a G.I. Joe) and since then they are known, displayed and sold around the world with millions of collectors and fans.

Who designs them?

There are so many creators that would be impossible to name them all. In general, these are artists related to Urban Art, Illustration or Character Design like KAWS, Ron English, Quiccs, Takashi Murakami...

Although there are many original designed Art Toys, there are also pre-designed figures (platforms) that work as a blank canvas for different artists to adapt to their style. In Kaneda Toys you can see many examples of them, such as Bearbrick, Dunny or Labbit.

What are they made of?

Art Toys can be made of practically any material. The most common are vinyl and resin but you can find some creations in wood or porcelain.

Design within everyone's reach

A Designer Toy may seem expensive for a toy, but they’re cheap if we consider them small works of art, carefully designed and produced. Although without a doubt, the world of Art Toys is also a business, think that normally we are talking about very limited runs (sometimes unique pieces) and exclusivity is paid.

Also, keep in mind that some designs can have great artistic value. The most exclusive Art Toys are collected as pieces of contemporary art and can only be found in art galleries or  museums.

The world of Art Toys, like everything in art, doesn’t have a clear entrance door, so at first it is normal to feel a little lost in front of so many figures of infinite sizes, shapes, colors and materials. We know that you have seen them, you have fallen in love with them and you want to know more about them. 

Now that you know them, start your Art Toys collection with Kaneda Toys!

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