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Daniel Arsham and the Future Relics

Daniel Arsham and the Future Relics

One of the greatest current artists in the world of Contemporary Art is Daniel Arsham. His elegant style full of symbolism gets more and more followers every day and his collaborations with the most famous brands make his fame grow impressively. Discover the man that on everyone’s lips.

Who is Daniel Arsham?

Daniel Arsham was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1980. After his family moved to Florida, he nearly died in 1992 when hurricane Andrew ripped through their Miami home. 


Daniel Arsham Studio


The event precipitated Daniel's fascination with architecture. Seeing “what’s inside the walls” of torn-up buildings sparked something in him, as did his exposure to nature's power to destroy what humanity has built.

Growing up, Arsham’s works in the field of architecture, films and sculpture have been shown in galleries and museums around the world. 

It was in Miami where he started an exhibition space called “The House” with several artist friends. There he met Emmanuel Perrotin in 2004 and by 2005, Gallerie Perrotin (Paris) represented Daniel Arsham. 


Daniel arsham The house Kaneda Toys


The big jump came when he was invited to create the stage design for the Merce Cunningham’s Dance Company collaborating with choreographer and former Cunningham dancer, Jonah Boaker. 


Daniel Arsham Avalanche Cunningham Kaneda Toys


To the top

Arsham joined Alex Mustonen in 2007 (they met while studying at the Cooper Union in New York City) to found Snarkitecture working with fashion brands, interior and architectural design and creating a complete line of design objects.


Daniel Arsham Snarkitecture Kaneda Toys


In 2014, Arsham's Films of the Future was born. This production company synthesizes all of Arsham’s creative output over the last decade and creates a visual setting in which his otherworldly and futuristic artwork might exist. 

His debut film series, Future Relic, is two years in the making and consists of nine short films that depict a future civilization before and after Earth undergoes major ecological changes. 

The series also includes sculptures of petrified twentieth-century media artifacts constructed to look like artifacts decaying from obsolescence. 

Future Relics

“A speculative inquiry into the future fate of humanity”

What would happen if a future archeological excavation discovered some of the iconic objects of the present? That’s the question behind the most known figures of Daniel Arsham’s Future Relic sculptures.


Daniel Arsham  Future Relics Kaneda Toys


After an indefinite fate of humanity, these objects come to light as eroded and crystallized representations on stone with smooth colors.


Daniel Arsham Game Boy Crystal Kaneda Toys


A closer look at his work

Arsham projects include jobs in the architecture, fashion and art world. 


The connection between KITH (the store and brand founded in 2011 by Ronnie Fieg) and Daniel Arsham continues beyond the design of the store spaces or the recent art gallery that both opened at the store's new location in NYC.


Daniel Arsham Kith Kaneda Toys



The successful Spring-Summer 2020 Dior collection by Kim Jones was presented on a fashion show including the special designs of Daniel on its runway and apparel, jewelries, accesories and shoes.


Daniel Arsham Dior Show Kaneda Toys


The collaboration continued with a series of limited edition Dior objects represented as Future Relics. 


Daniel Arsham Dior Relic


Nanzuka 2G & Sorayama

With floors inspired by a variety of concepts such as fashion, art, culture, entertainment, food and technology, the studio gallery 2G that sits on the second floor of Shibuya PARCO represents one of the main attractions of the mall.

As part of the latest renovation, PARCO has enlisted Shibuya’s contemporary art gallery Nanzuka to curate the “2G” gallery. The inaugural exhibition featured the works of Daniel Arsham and Hajime Sorayama, presenting collaborative sculptures of both artists combining future and past.


Daniel Arsham Sorayama 2G Nanzuka Parco Kaneda Toys


Relics of Kanto Through Time 

As the first visual artist to be granted access to the Pokémon archive, Arsham and his team worked with the main animators of the original series to made sure that both universes met perfectly. The collaboration includes a clothes collection for Uniqlo and an exhibition in Nanzuka Gallery full of Pokémon relics.


Daniel Arsham Kanto Pokemon Relic Kaneda Toys


Cleveland cavaliers 

From November 2020, Arsham is the creative director of the NBA team of his birth city.


Daniel Arsham Cleveland Cavaliers Kaneda Toys


Art Toys and Sculptures


This Bearbrick released on April 20th, 2019 is one of the hottest produced by Medicom Toy. A 27.5 inch figure with a distinct styrofoam-like pattern and the appearance of a hole in the middle of the Bearbrick's chest. 


Daniel Arsham Snarkitecture Bearbrick Kaneda Toys


Bearbrick Daniel Arsham x Sorayama 1000% and 400% & 100% Set Silver

The release of this Bearbrick commemorates the Nanzuka Sorayama & Arsham exhibition in the 2G space in Shibuya Parco. The contrast and connections of both artists are highlighted on this collaborative Bearbrick.


Daniel Arsham Sorayama Bearbrick kaneda toys


Crystalized Pikachu

Crystalized Pikachu is a sculpture that has been reimagined as a monument of Kanto uncovered through the passage of time. Modeled after the most well-known Pokémon character of all time, this edition is made of resin and aluminium oxide and is casted from a hand sculpted Pikachu made in Arsham Studio.


Daniel Arsham Pikachu Crystallized Kaneda Toys


Disney x Apportfolio

The Disney collection in collaboration with Apportfolio brings us some figures with different styles and materials from the main character of the license.

It includes the Hollow Mickey based on the Hollow Figure from Arsham and Mickey Plushes in various sizes.


Daniel Arsham Hollow Mickey Apportfolio Kaneda Toys
Daniel Arsham Mickey Plush


Daniel Arsham and his own way to situate us into the future he imagines makes him one of today's most important artists, influencing design, fashion, and more. One of the top Hypebeast lists artists of all times.


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