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The Valencian artist who is almost as popular as paella around the world. 

Coté Escrivá is a spanish author that unleashes his imagination in multiple formats: photography, illustration and sculpture. His characters, with a retro, urban air and maybe a bit gloomy although terribly attractive style, can be found both in advertising collaborations with big brands and in animation and magazines (he has worked for Audi, Nestlé and Reebok, among others).

His influences come from the world of comics, urban art, classic cartoons and include renowned Art Toys creators such as McBess or Parra too. 

He has exhibited in cities like Hong Kong, Taipei, Barcelona, Valencia and Miami creating spaces where his paintings and sculptures coexist in a big tribute to the most famous animation characters.  

He is the creator of the beautiful 'Sentaet' figure, made of ceramic, the material most used in his first works. Spanish authors such as Bakea, Ricardo Cavolo or Brosmind made their custom versions of this piece shown on his first exhibitions. 

The custom Bearbricks and the Twisted Bart figure in collaboration with Pobber Toys opened the way to an international collaboration with the asian brand Thunder Mates which is creating a grown collection of instant sold out figures with colour variations. 

The Creepy Collection includes animation characters from Disney, Hannah & Barbera or Peanuts.

Creepy Collection

Creepy Mouse

The first release with Thunder Mates is maybe the most reproduced pop icon, Mickey Mouse. A good way to start with a collection with one of the different release versions.


Creepy Duck

After Mickey, Donald got the “dissected” Coté’s style. We can start seeing the evolution of each release and this is another “must have”.


Creepy G

G is for Goofy! One of the tallest creepy pieces is from the Disney studio too. Do you prefer the monochrome or the original version?


Creepy Dog

The first character not from Disney is not the protagonist from Tom & Jerry but the big, stocky doggo. We love the pink edition that looks like it has some tattoos.

Creepy Badass

An iconic Disney’s nemesis, Peg Leg Pete has a huge creepy version.

Creepy Snoop

After a few paintings, Snoopy got a vinyl edition too, well, three: white, pink and grey.

Baby Creepy Dog

Like father, like son but even more adorable. 


Creepy Monkey

The favourite of the one writing this. One of the original characters from Coté and a bit influenced by the first figure of the series but created for illustrations and paintings.


Creepy Popeye

A great collaboration for the 90th anniversary of the character.


Creepy Brutus

The couple you needed! You can’t get Popeye without Brutus!

From this moment, Brutus is the last release but… are we having a spoiler on Coté’s Instagram of the new figure…?

Do not hesitate and discover the art of Coté Escrivá. What is the best place? On the Kaneda Toys website, of course!

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