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Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes

Mistery Bag

A new way to start on the Art Toys world or just gettin' into the little collectables series are the Blind Boxes.


Spongebob Squarepants Blind Box Jason Freeny Meme Kaneda Toys


Blind Boxes join the excitement of collecting with the emotion of opening each bag without knowing what’s inside.

Feel the excitement of opening a Blind Box and being able to get one of the figures of this collection. Will you be able to have each one?


Tokidoki Unicorno Series 9 Blind Box Kaneda Toys


Get the Chase

Once you get into the world of collectibles, the craziness increases to levels never seen before. You want to have everything! Choose wisely your favourites and make space on your shelves. The feeling of opening every purchase becomes very addictive.


ZCWO Mona Lisa Blind Box Kaneda Toys

One of the main reasons is that some of the collections include very rare and secret characters with a lower percentage of production. These limited figures are the most wanted and if you want to raise your luck, you should buy more than one (unless you have a four Leaf Clover). They are sold in single boxes or in a full pack of more than one.

Constant mini series are launched every week. They are a perfect gift for every occasion and there are Blind Boxes for every person. 


Fluffy House Fluffy Cafe Blind Box Kaneda Toys

Main Brands


The biggest brand from China that is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The key to its success is the huge amount of artists mini series betting on the best quality at the best price. The new collections are arriving to our online shop fresh from the oven.


Labubu The Monsters Popmart Blind Box Kaneda Toys



The first company to launch an art toys series on blind box. The best representation is their Dunny series but the variety is spectacular: Labbits, Yummy World, BFFs and lots of famous characters from TV, videogames, cinema and arts (like the Warhol Series).


Dunny Mini Serie Blind Box Kidrobot Warhol Series 2 Kaneda Toys



The well known plastic bears from Medicom Toy are reaching their number 41 Series that soon will be available on Kaneda Toys. You can see the amount of Bearbricks 100%  included in each one and multiply it per 41. Hundreds of blind boxes to enjoy!


Bearbrick Serie 41 Medicom Toy Blind Box Kaneda Toys


Discover now on Kaneda Toys our Blind Boxes selection with PopMart's Blind Boxes, Jason Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles, Tokidoki, among others. 

Don't forget to visit our website to the new series added periodically!

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