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Bearbricks - Dressed for Success 
Bespoke suited bears

In the world of our beloved Medicom Toy Bearbricks there are a lot of representations of collaborations with iconic fashion brands. The list is huge and full of quality and luxury.

At Kaneda Toys, we want to go further. We know that even though Bearbricks have a vinyl body, they also like to dress up every now and then. So why not show you a fine selection of the best Bearbricks with tailored suits dressed by the best brands and with the best fabrics?

We all like to be dressed for the occasion and so do these Bearbricks. They mostly are 1000% versions but we have some interesting 100% & 400% sets.


The FDMTL x Medicom Toy Bearbrick 1000% is one of the most recently suited bears release (2020).


The evolution of the printed bear version shows a mix of denim textures joined together in grey and blue colours. The patchwork style on the FDMTL clothes is perfectly represented, each one with a unique pattern..

ReadyMade x BAPE

One of the recurrent collaborations is Medicom Toy x BAPE. The urban clothes brand has a lot of Bearbricks. This ReadyMade x BAPE Bearbrick 1000% is maybe the most stylish and urban dressed as it wears the ReadyMade’s signature vintage military fabric and BAPE’s camo pattern on a zipped hoodie. Under it, you can see the BAPE monkey face.

ReadyMade x FCRB

ReadyMade streetwear brand recruites SOPHNET.'s virtual team brand F.C.R.B. to launch a special Bearbrick 1000% version. The head and hands are covered in a fluorescent green woolen fabric and the body has the camouflage pattern.

Stüssy 35th Anniversary

For the 35th Anniversary of Stüssy, the surfing clothes brand from Orange, California, released a urban styled Bearbrick with a blue pattern fabric and a stylish black bear with the logo on the chest inside.

Saturdays NYC

Another anniversary celebration, the 10 years of Saturdays NYC. The brand delivers a special wetsuit for a Medicom Toys Bearbrick 100% and 400% set with the same materials replicating all the small details of the original product like the zippers. This is the first time the Bearbrick wears a suit of this kind.


Levi’s is the most popular denim brand in all the world and is not strange to have a Bearbrick cooperation like these.

There are two versions of this collaboration, the Dark Denim and the Washed Denim. Both of them conserve the nose in the Levi's red logo colour and the jeans patch on the waist.

Levi’s x BAPE

Two big brands that likes to put clothes on Bearbricks are joining this year's Medicom Toy releases. The ultra cool BAPE Bearbrick with a real denim Levis jacket is a sweet Bearbrick with the greatest style. 


DRx Romanelli x GUESS 

GUESS Jeans U.S.A. and Medicom Toy commissioned Los Angeles artist DRx Romanelli to design special edition Bearbricks. The limited figures referenced the colours and bright tones  prevalent in the heritage label’s T-shirt capsule with Sean Wotherspoon wearing bespoke overalls. Exclusive editions of only 50 for each one were exclusively available at a GUESS market in LA in May 2018.


DRx Romanelli x GUESS x ALM

DRx Romanelli and GUESS jeans collided once again with Medicom Toy and ALM to produce unique editions of some Bearbrick 1000% in the artist’s signature patchwork fashion. The result are beautiful pieces in a variety of olive, beige, and black vintage-fabric bases, featuring military-style patches that line the clothing and making inimitable expressions on every figure.


What did Porter, a japanese luggage and accessories label owned by Yoshida & co., for its 35th Anniversary? Correct! A suited Bearbrick. 


There are 2 Tanker-inspired bears: in green and black, made with the original materials, the bright orange lining and the zippers. All finished with the Porter’s label at the chest.


Medicom Toy joined Japanese cotton mill Loopwheeler for more Bearbricks. A Loopwheeler sweater created with a very specific mesh of cotton made in Japan produced with antic american machines. 


Two versions of full grey and mixed grey and blue colours in 100%, 400% and 1000% sizes. 

Fakir (Customs)

Nihon no dobutsu, “Japanese Animals” and the Japanese custom Bearbricks 400% from the French artist Fakir wear original high-quality Japanese bespoke clothes. Released in 2018, they are a collaboration with l’atelier Dans la Cour.

Jackson Pollock

Medicom Toy has a special version of the Jackson Pollock Bearbrick 1000% wearing a fine fabric inspired by the contemporary artist paintings.

OriginalFake KAWS 6h Anniversary

KAWS 6th Anniversary Bearbrick 1000% was released to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the OriginalFake x Medicom Toy collaboration. Only a few hundred models were sold in 2012 and it was an instant sold out.


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