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Bearbrick Series 43

Bearbrick Series 43

The 43th Series of the famous Medicom Toy Bearbricks arrive in time to continue celebrating 25 years of the Japanese company and 20 years of Bearbrick.

At the beginning of 2022, we will get this new Series 43 with new designs of our favorite bears in 100% size that, of course, you can find right now on our website.

Read below to know more about the Bearbrick winter release and the new designs that we will find in the new Series 43. We still have to wait a bit more to discover the chaser secret Bearbricks.

The Basic, the most common, this time comes with a dark base color and iridescent reflections. As usual, we can make the word BE@RBRICK by collecting all the different letters on its chest.

Bearbrick Series 43 Medicom Toy Kaneda Toys Basic

Some of the most usual Bearbricks will show a blue and white mineral-like background in one and reminiscent of the carbon fiber Bearbricks in another.

Bearbrick Series 43 Medicom Toy Kaneda ToysBearbrick Series 43 Medicom Toy Kaneda Toys

Series 43 Flag Bearbrick is from Macau, maybe a reference to the pop-up Bearbrick Art Gallery that has been organized in the country for 3 consecutive years.

Bearbrick Series 43 Medicom Toy Kaneda Toys Macau Flag



The announced licenses already made us wonder about great collaborations from media characters shown on the well-known bear-shaped figures but some of them have really surprised us.

Alfred Hitchcock

The thriller director (and actor in all of them) has his own Bearbrick. Cinema fans have a new essential figure and it’s just as disturbing as their movies. Of course, the British screenwriter appears in black and white as in the films.


The shiny endoskeleton of the robot films franchise is coming from the future direct to the Series 43 to save our world after trying to destroy it (choices). Hoping there will be a new Terminator version on 400% of this one showing a half machine and half Schwarzenegger body. 

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

After Gizmo, the other Mogwai from The Gremlins movies appearing on 100% is the evil Mohawk. Although the nemesis of the second film is missing here the mohawk (it would be fun to see a mohawk on a Bearbrick), the sinister face is on point. 

Care Bears 

The collection of the sweetest and fluffiest inhabitants of the clouds grows with Best Friend Bear, the Care Bear with the star, heart and rainbow on its belly and a soft pastel purple color on its body. Lovely! 

The Batman

The DC franchise of Batman is having a new film soon and this design of the character played by Robert Pattinson is the new figure of the Super Hero Bearbrick. Look at the details! There is no muscle missing. 

Gelato Pique

Gelato Pique is the largest and most luxury loungewear and sleepwear brand in the world. After the bigger suited Bearbricks, this 100% comes in a translucent and mint colored sleepwear that makes it look very comfortable and cozy.  

Kuroneko Design

Kuroneko Design are a “group of two from Nagoya” and they live in Japan with their five cats making and selling picture books and miscellaneous goods featuring black cats. One of the cutest designs on Series 43 (just look at the red beret!). 

Cobra Kai (Karate Kid)

Another Bearbrick coming just in time for a media release. The announced Season 4 of the Netflix Cobra Kai series will be here on 31st December and we are getting the new Bearbricks just a bit later in January. This one will knock you out!

Andy Mouse by Keith Haring

It's not Mickey Mouse and it's not Andy Warhol! It’s Andy Mouse! The version made by Keith Haring mixing both icons looks stunning in this new format. Medicom Toy continues working hard on showing the best works by the American artist. 


Now that you've discovered them, make the pre-order now on Kaneda Toys and complete your collection with the new Bearbrick Series 43 from Medicom Toys!  Get some blind boxes or a full pack of 24!

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