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Bearbrick Series 41

Bearbrick Series 41

Discover the new Medicom Toy collectible platform series.

It’s not a secret, we love Bearbricks! We are happy to present the New Bearbrick Series 41 that are being released this December 2020. 

This winter release follows the Series 40 that appeared last Summer in a 100% format of 7 cm. A collectible experience with every Blind Box. 

These are the new 15 figures that we can preview and will increase the Bearbrick collection. They include the classic themes and some artists. Let’s wait for the Secret ones.

1) Basic

The Basic line always offers 7 different designs with each figure bearing a letter that all come together and spell “BE@RBRICK” (yes, the “B” and the “R” are repeated). This one in particular has a sky blue background.


Bearbrick Series 41 Basic

2) Jellybean

Jellybean are the translucent bears that usually remind the candy of the same name. The one on Series 41 has a soft purple colour with green leaves on top that reminds us of a purple sweet potato dish.


Bearbrick Series 41 Medicom Toy Jellybean

3) Pattern

This one has a psychedelic colorful pattern that reminds us of Dylan's Candy Bar Bearbrick. 


Bearbrick Series 41 Medicom Toy Pattern


4) Flag: Ghana

The Ghana flag is the protagonist on this series. It consists of the Pan-African colours of red, gold, and green, in horizontal stripes, with a black five-pointed star in the centre of the gold stripe.


Bearbrick Series 41 Medicom Toy Ghana Flag

5) Horror: Amabie

Amabie is a Shinto yokai who is said to have appeared to a law enforcement official in the 19th century coming out of the sea in Kumamoto.

This legendary japanese mermaid with three legs, long hair and bird's beak is called to end the pandemic since it's said that showing its image can help. Very appropriate for a series of Bearbricks shipped worldwide.


Bearbrick Series 41 Medicom Toy Amabie


6) The Homelander from The Boys

The license with Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Content Services gives us the Homelander Bearbrick. First unofficially named John, is the central antagonist in the superheroes serie The Boys. He is the leader of The Seven, and the arch-nemesis of Billy Butcher, the leader of The Boys.

This is the SF character in Series 41 and the 400% version is already announced.


Bearbrick Series 41 Medicom Toy Homelander The Boys


7) Chibi Maruko Chan

Manga and anime are a good source of material for Bearbrick designs. This is the little Chibi Maruko-chan, the protagonist of a manga series written and illustrated by Momoko Sakura. It was adapted into an anime TV series by Nippon Animation that started in 1990 and is currently running on.

The protagonist of the fifth best-selling shōjo manga ever is a good Cute Bearbrick on this collection.


Bearbrick Series 41 Medicom Toy Chibi Maruko Chan

8) Tom & 9) Jerry

Tom and Jerry is an American animated franchise and series of comedy short films created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera

It’s not the first time that this well known universal couple appears on Bearbricks. The cat and mouse rivals had happy faces figures and now they’ve changed to “I’m coming for you” and “oops” expressions. A couple that we also believe that soon will receive the 400% Bearbrick treatment out of the Animal figures on Series 41.


Bearbrick Series 41 Medicom Toy Tom Bearbrick Series 41 Medicom Toy Jerry

10) Horror: Yoshiharu Tsuge - Screwed Style

Screw Style (Nejishiki) is a one-shot gekiga written and illustrated by Yoshiharu Tsuge. Screw Style follows the story of an unnamed boy who goes around several places in war-torn Japan in order to find a doctor who can fix his pierced artery.

The manga was first published in 1968 and has been adapted into a video game and a live action film.

A perfect plot for a more than probable Horror Bearbrick character. 


Bearbrick Series 41 Medicom Toy Screw Style

11) Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

MVH is art based on Horror, Monster, Sci-Fi and Fantasy culture presented to you in the Japanese-originated soft vinyl toy format

The Series 41 Bearbrick has black background including the face of the Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Lash mascot as eyes and the typography as a mouth giving a bizarre aspect on this Artist Bearbrick.


Bearbrick Series 41 Medicom Toy Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

12) Billionaire Boys Club 

A new Billionaire Boys Club Bearbrick for this series. The Pharrell Williams (singer) and Nigo (fashion designer and BAPE creator) streetwear clothing and accessories brand created in 2003 mixes now two of his identity elements on this Bearbrick's body: the Starfield colored pattern and the astronaut space-themed logo.

A true hypebeasts jewel!


Bearbrick Series 41 Medicom Toy Billionaire Boys Club

13) It 's 8:16! Let's have a Yunomi of Coffee - Muro Tsuyoshi

This one is hard to find information about but we know that it’s dedicated to Muro Tsuyoshi. 

Muro Tsuyoshi is a tv and theatre actor that debuted in 1999 and has appeared on a lot of series. Now is having a big success in the drama “Daddy is my classmate” playing the role of a worried 40 years old daddy that enrols at the same college as his daughter.

Different versions of this Bearbrick appear too on the Medicom Toy Exhibition 2020. 

Bearbrick Series 41 Medicom Toy Muro Tsuyoshi

14) Hideaki Anno’s Return of Ultraman

A figure that shows the connection behind the Ultraman (Tsuburaya) and Neon Genesis Evangelion universes, both licensed by Medicom Toys. 

This Bearbrick is a tribute to the short film about Ultraman that Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion creator) filmed in 1983 as a fan made production for the 22nd Japan Science Fiction Convention. A mythical tokusatsu film where they had to make their own suits, sets, props and effects starring himself as the main character.

Bearbrick Series 41 Medicom Toy Hideaki Anno Return of Ultraman Tsuburaya


15) Moyoco Anno

Moyoco Anno is a Japanese manga artist and fashion writer, with numerous books published in both categories. Her work Sugar, Sugar Rune won the Kodansha manga award for children in 2005 and she has lots of succesful works

She drawed herself as a weird baby in a manga and this is the funny character appearing on Bearbricks. We saw her first on Series 12 but this time she is getting a more worried expression (don’t you worry! 2020 is almost finished!).

Moyoco Anno is married to director Hideaki Anno (a Bearbrick Artists couple on Series 41!).

Bearbrick Series 41 Medicom Toy Moyoco Anno

What do you think about the Bearbrick Series 41 presented so far?

We still have to discover the Secrets that will be revealed as they appear after the release but we have some favourites, and you?

You can already pre-order your Bearbrick Series 41 blind boxes at Kaneda Toys that will appear this December and you will soon have them comfortably at home. Choose between an individual box or a 24 boxes pack (with a very interesting discount).

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