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Medicom Toy presents the latest collection scheduled for April 2022! The latest collection coming from the Japanese toy producer includes a wide range of hot products this month. It includes a new Disney License of CARS and amazing new Brandalism and artists editions.

Highlighting the latest Care Bear Cheer Pink in costume version and mega exclusive Gelato Pique cozy-dressed Bearbricks, be sure to check every piece of the April 2022 release, as they are ALREADY FOR SALE! Book yours now to secure your piece and don’t miss a release again with us.


Bearbrick ‘Toshusai Sharaku Otani Oniji III’ 100%+400% or 1000%

This edition gets inspired and decorated by a reproduction of the portrait of Otani Oniji III, which was captures in 1794 by the ukiyo-e artist Toshusai Sharaku.

Toshusai Sharaku is considered as one of the greatest masters of Japanese ukiyo-e engraving. His works are dated between 1794 and 1795, and his real name or personal information is still unknown today. He was also one of the most original artists of the genre of kabuki theater actors (yakusha-e). There is a lot of mystery with him, as there are only a few biographical data of his person. However, in that brief period of 1 year, the artist left 144 works where show his great genius.

Bearbrick ‘Monkey Sign - Brandalism’ 100%+400% or 1000%

Medicom Toy partners up with Brandalism to release a branded inspired Bearbrick by the artwork of Banksy ‘Monkey Sign'. The figure presents an all-body pattern with the famous artwork from the legendary artist Monkey Sign repeated multiple times showing the message: ‘Do nothing you’ll live longer’.

Bearbrick ‘Disney - Lighting MC Queen - CARS’ 1000%

Medicom Toy has finally Disney licenses for Europe! A new Disney collaborative Bearbrick is coming to Europe, this time a Cars character inspired: Lightning MCQUEEN! The bearbrick shows the fastest character of the movie, with the big number 95 on the belly, GoodYear ears and face with full of detail.

This is going to be sold out soon! Hurry up if you want to get one of the most exclusive Disney Bearbricks.

Bearbrick ‘Care Bear Cheer Pink Costume' 400% or 1000%

For sure you have heard before about Care Bear Bearbricks. These are one of the must-have for collectors, as they’re extremely exclusive and limited.

Medicom Toy releases one of the most legendary Bearbrick series: The Care Bears. Care Bear are one of your childhood memories that you will never forget and what's best that keep your memories in form of a toy?

Bearbrick ‘Gelato Pique - Mint White’ 400% or 1000%

Medicom Toy partners up with Gelato Pique to release a new collaborative Bearbrick. The collaboration between both Asian brands, presents how the luxury loungewear and cozy sleepwear would look like in the Bearbrick.

The Mint White cozy suit dresses now an ice transparent coloured Bearbrick, with a striped light blue and white Gelato Pique sleepwear.

Bearbrick ‘Gelato Pique - Brown’ 400% or 1000%

Gelato Pique and Medicom Toy collaborative Bearbricks also has another colourway. A brown and branded Gelato Pique suit dresses a brown transparent glossy Bearbrick. The suit shows the Gelato Pique Logo ‘P’ in the chest.

Bearbrick ‘Project Mercury Astronaut NASA’ 100%+400% or 1000%

Medicom Toy joins the NASA by paying homage with this Bearbrick to Project Mercury, the very first NASA programme including manned space missions.

Bearbrick ‘Casper’ 100%+400%

Medicom Toy dedicates once again a Bearbrick release to one of the most legendary ghosts ever: Casper. The Casper ghost was created by Joe Oriolo back in the 1940s. This Bearbrick presents the original form of Casper in an all-white body.

That’s all for the latest monthly release, which is scheduled for April 2022. Which one are you excited for? Cop or Drop? What do you think of this monthly release? In the meanwhile, check all our pre-orders and latest arrivals!

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