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Art Toys Interior Design Kaws

Art Toys & Interior Design

Art Toys & Interior Design

The relationship between interior design and how Art Toys fit on it. 

Art toys are one of the most modern art forms out there. They give us the possibility to play with them in many aspects of our lives and decoration is one of them. 

Year after year, a new modern and groundbreaking lifestyle is imposed by people who want to enjoy what they have at home and feel more of their own. What would be better than filling your house with art toys, designer figures and sculptures that will make you feel happier?

The importance of art toys on interior design and modern decor comes from this desire to have a personal style endowed with good taste that you also want to capture at your home.

Spaces in which a mix between old and new makes the union explode in a high dose of dopeness.

Combinations are endless and it’s really curious how well vinyl and resin toys mix with plants or books on shelves, prints on the walls, carpets and even on top of vintage furniture.

Nowadays, you can look for your personal space that blends comfort and style by giving your art toys collection the importance it deserves and elevating the rest of your home. As collectors and art enthusiasts we can honor these works and their artists.

Examples on Contemporary style houses including art toys

If you check the internet you will realize that there are more and more examples of this that we are discussing. The most stylish people want unique houses and show us that they are big fans and collectors too.

What is real is that a house improves a lot with some Takashi Murakami plushes on the couch, a pair of KAWS figures next to the TV, Bearbricks on the stairs and a lot of celebrities know that. Some of them use to show their homes and art toys and contemporary art have a very important space on each one.

J Balvin


Peggy Gou

Ben Baller
As you can see, a lot of huge personalities are including in many different ways Art Toys as a way of expression of Interior Design. Also, you can see some other inspiration here below.


If you like what you see, give it a try. It 's too easy and funny! Just discover your style.

You can give a new atmosphere to your home with Kaneda Toys. Enter our website and get the figures that will make you have your special place. Interior design is accessible to all publics with art toys.

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