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Art Toys Investment Kaneda Toys

A new investment platform: ART TOYS.

The traditional art market has always been opaque and not quite transparent as to prices. That changes with the Art Toys and Designer Toys market. 

New generations of buyers are now eager to control their own investments embracing technology and global media that allows them to be more free and independent. 

They look for alternative ways to invest that makes it more amusing and easier.

Art Toys Market

The Art Toys market has a lot of different pieces and prices. There are consecrated and amateur artists that each year see how their work gets famous and becomes most wanted.

One of the characteristics of the Art Toys is that the pieces are often on limited amounts worldwide. This makes the uniqueness of each figure gives them more value as the market system goes. If it’s demanded and the offer is low, that makes the price rise.

Kaws Price Comparison Investment Kaneda Toys

KAWS Space and KAWS Clean State price evolution 2020


Why invest in Art Toys?

What started with modest prices for vinyl figures, turns out now that some of them are duplicating or triplicating his price just after being sold out. 

These characteristics make the Art Toys world one of the safest markets, and it’s projected to continue increasing in the next years. 

Investors today are looking for more attractive ways to invest. Art Toys, Designer Toys and Fine Art pieces as investment platforms offer the possibility of doing business with something that amuses us.

Kaneda Toys helps you

The secondary market has lots of examples of what to buy when you are looking for secure values such as KAWS (that sells his biggest works for millions of dollars in auction), Murakami, Bearbricks and rising artists such as Coté Escrivá or Jason Freeny.

In Kaneda Toys we work to offer you the figures of these and more artists that we believe can best help you in the investing task. We are not only working on new amazing releases but also working on the secondary market to get you sold out figures or highly demanded ones, known as “holy grails”.

A different and fun investment method. You can collect the most astonishing Art Toys and you are also sure that they are art pieces and they will appreciate over time.

Join Kaneda Toys to start the art collectors experience in a way you’ve never thought before.

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